Thursday, October 10, 2013

Animal madness

I think I am going animal crazy, and it is completely unintentional. We're redecorating our kids room (if you can call that a room) - I'll tell you all about it once it is ready to be made public. P finally got a big boy bed, total Ikea hack and we are super happy how it turned out. Because of this room makeover I've been browsing pinterest lately (with a valid excuse), when yesterday I came across something I loved AND NONE OF THE LINKS LED ANYWHERE. I started obsessing about it and trying to find the source, or think of an idea based on which I could search further. When at 3 o'clock in the morning I still had nothing, I went to sleep but couldn't, because I was trying to figure out how to make something resembling what I saw, because obviously someone else did it too. It is not a shop! It is nowhere.

But then it hit me on my facebook timeline today: Groovy Magnets. Still love it. I want one for the boys room. I can't really want it for our bedroom, since we already have Adrien Gardère's Zoo Vache, aka COW there. I also have a zebra door wallpaper waiting quietly, AND I just remembered my huge ANTS, WE ARE NOT A COLONY wall decal stickers (where are they, I ask myself now).

Oh, and in the living room I have a huge Ikea rabbit tapestry. OK, enough with my animals. 
Bella is snoring and I just want to show you this perfection. Not only it is a cool looking wallpaper, it is also magnetic and it comes with a batch of fancy magnets. Also, considering what they 'do' I was expecting a price tag to be somewhere in between sky end never, but I was confronted with a reasonably priced wallpaper I can actually start thinking of purchasing (when I come to terms with my newly recognized ''animal in the house'' obsession.

Hard to guess which one is my favorite, he?

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