Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Birthday Boy

My baby I is not a baby anymore. He turned ONE.
I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted our birthday photos of this day to be, all the way to the feeling they will give me when I look at them twenty something years from now, when the only thing I can look forward to is going down the memory lane with the help of my photo-albums, and the fact that I have only about two years left of my mortgage...

Khm...I'll start again...

Ilija is ONE!
He will not remember today, but when I show him these photos he will know that it was perfect:)

Happy birthday little boy!

Photos: FotoMillok


  1. Great Birthday! My personal favorite pic is this last one - Bella is eating the cake from Ilija's face! It is so funny I have to steal it:)

  2. all the best to Ilija!!! biggest kiss to my lovely Bella...pozdravlja vas Paco pas :))))))