Monday, September 30, 2013

Kattuska's new 3 in 1 wooden wander + GIVEAWAY

You probably came across Kattuska wooden products on pinterest - beautiful, contemporary, eco friendly. Last week on Made in Hungary 2013 Kattuska presented their brand new toy/furniture piece, a 3 in 1 rocking horse/feeding chair/drawing table. Kattuska seems to traditionally be presenting new products during the Made in Hungary exhibition. Their debut as a brand happened during Made in Hungary last year. Hopefully we can see at least one new every year.

Read my interview with Kata Toth to learn more about the brand!

Designed to be easily converted to it's next function without reassembling it this rocking horse can be a perfect addition to smaller space homes without having to give up on something you'd normally not have the space for.

Kata Toth, the creative brain behind Kattuska is in love with horses since she was a kid. Multipurpose toys are not a novelty, this new product is a re-design of those more in one pieces that were already around in their childhood.

To celebrate Made in Hungary Bag of Pretty teamed up with Kattuska and Eastok Europe in order for you to be able to win this cool wooden sword.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Madalina Andronic Illustration love

I found Madalina Andronic though her Awesome Project (which I already wrote about on Eastok Europe) and I've loved her work ever since. Her illustration is breathtaking and I want to cover my kid's room walls in it, and when I am done there continue in the living room.

Prepare to be in awe!
Alice in Wanderland

Henzel and Gretel

Marche de Noel series

River Themse

Rozalba - the fairy


Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lytot - pacifier and sunglasses symbiosis

I've been heavily researching toddler sunglasses in the past few days, but I will talk serious some other day, when I am over and done with the whole thing. Now I want to show you something hilarious - Lytot.

Sunglasses attached to the pacifier. This is obviously only for children with pacifiers and it is so funny I can't decide if it is cool or credulous. What do you say?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do you miss analog photography?

We all have excessive amounts of photos now, don't we? We might even not have time to browse through them at all, because new ones are created daily.
I remember my graduation trip with school, I got a 36 pics film for that occasion, after all it was a week long trip (what I normally had was 24). You had to carefully divide those 36 shots to all days to have as mush coverage possible. Yes, there was a possibility to buy new film, and we did do that sometimes, but it was not so cheap to develop films on my allowance. Developing...yes...that was another source of excitement. Back in those days it took a week or so to get the film and pics developed plus you never knew what was going to come out of those. Remember? When you've waited for those party photos with the cute guy you liked on them, and the photos turned out to be total crap. Those were the days. I soooo wished for a polaroid camera. Those few moments you wait for the black square to become a photo were magic.

And check this out, Fuji Instax Mini 8 Camera is on sale today on Zulily. Brings back my unfulfilled dreams. Not to mention how cute it is. So if you'd like to go backin time to the age of expensive film and physical photography, now is the time. If I had money to throw I'd gladly play with it from time to time. I still love the idea and I would still happily wait for the magic to happen with the black square.
Here is a video review you might find useful:

How do you feel about using your film sparingly?

Monday, September 23, 2013


I've lovew miszko maszko for a while now, I always follow their super cute photos on facebook and I've already written about their flip dolls, but this AW collection is to my taste from head to toe, I love the colors, the patterns and prints are absolutely genius.

miszko maszko products are designed and produced in Poland.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Playground Season: Rijeka, Croatia

Wen we visited Rijeka this summer we also checked out the Kantrida stadium, one of The most unusual stadiums in 2011 according to CNN. This playground is just across form the stadium, very retro - no plastic used...brings up memories.

Just above the playground is Caffe Viva. Neon sign you see from below does not look to promising, and I am not a fan of the decor, but it is very children friendly, service is perfect, coffee is great and the view...oh, THE VIEW!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Something completely different

While daddy was at home making crepes with nutella for dinner P and I were doing something completely unexpected.

1. Pale got knocked over at the pool by his best friend and broke his tooth. There was screeming, and threatening like: You will never, ever be my friend again. Ever!

2. On the way home we had to break suddenly, because stupid person in front of us was well, poor people behind us landed in our pour behind.

And that was our Wednesday evening thank you very much.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ami Amie - cure for cold

It is freezing cold here in Budapest. The cold just sneaked up on us and we can't really grasp what is happening. Summer was so short I didn't even put away our winter coats (when it was 40 degrees outside I had no energy to put them away, after that we went on vacation, and now it is sort of coat time again.
But, there is one good thing about it, you get to go through new look books, do your research and find a pretty, snugly, colorful brand ami amie. ami amie is a Japanese children's clothing brand making what the call 'happy knits'. The clothes look so warm and comfy and the kids are adorable, just what I needed for this weather, warm clothes and happy little faces.

Fall Winter Collection 2013

Make sure you check out last year's FW Collection, it was too cute.

Oh, and you can still vote for me in Top 25 European Moms 2013! Daily, till October 4.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our tree is gone

 During the flood we had in Budapest earlier this year I took P and baby I. to see the water levels rising, in the morning and in the evening every day. Changes were drastic, and at 4 years old he appreciates it and by seeing it he can really start grasping what the flood means and how it happens. I know it is terrible to say, but this flood was great for us. We had a fun program for morning and evenings, it brought us closer to the river and similarly to us, other people seem to be enjoying the catastrophe tourism, so our walkway along the Danube was never before (nor since) so full of people just talking walks and observing. It felt like summer at the seaside (it even attracted some wakeboarders). During that time we've gotten used to our walks down by the riverside so they continued even when water levels started going down. On one such occasion, when I only had P with me, so we could go closer to the bank without worrying I will jump in, P and I discovered this tree stump, so beautifully painted and huge. We still have no idea who had done that and why but we were secretly hoping it will stay there and can be advertized as another great Budapest backdrop.

 Lucky for us, we spent an hour goofing around there.

And how cool is it that P is wearing his EFVVA Jungle T-shirt in same colors as the tree? (I swear I didn't make him go home and change just for the photos!)

Unfortunately, our tree is gone...they took it away, piece by got smaller and smaller, until there was nothing left anymore...only Chain bridge and the Danube:)

Oh, and BTW, I am in for the Top 25 European Moms - 2013, please vote - it is just a click of a button:)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shark attack in Crikvenica

 Greetings from the shark's mouth in Crikvenica. It was a bit confusing to be there, but then it got to be super fun. It is very rewarding to save your little brother from the JAWS. And even more so to save your dad together with your brother.