Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange

I participated in a Handmade Gift Exchange organized by Linda from Craftaholics anonymous. She hosts it twice a year and it is fun!!! I mean, really fun, teenage kind of fun...You apply, and she sends you your partners details. Then you write an e-mail to that person and you wait, all excited, for them to reply and you wander...who is this person, who also applied to send a gift to a total stranger, just for the fun of it.

My partner in this round is Catarina from No lugar que chamo Casa... 
Linda has some extremely cool match-making skills, because Catarina and me have so much in common. Just to name two, we both live in a foreign country, and our kids (she has 2 sons, and I am expecting my second son any day now) are almost the same age. We obviously both love the handmade too:)
Catarina sent me an e-mail yesterday saying my present is on it's way. As if it wasn't exciting enough to just know you are getting a present in your mailbox one of these days, I just found she actually posted my present on her blog, and it is amazingly cooooool, so I can't wait!

Have a look at this:

It is just tooo cute!!!! And I love, love, love the color!

I posted my little package to Catarina today, (my photos from today are useless, sorry about that.) taped with handmade tape

and filled with this:
 and this

Not matchy-matchy as her present. And she saw this bag, because I already blogged about it here, but I am sure she will now understand why I asked her in my first e-mail if she liked yellow. I made this bag with her in my mind and I do hope she likes it:)

You can see some of the other gifts here, I think I can safely say the present I am getting is THE BEST!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

T-shirt, T-shirt, what will you become

There are many ways to repurpose a T-shirt. Some very obvious ones, like resizing or appliquéing a shirt to be more girlie, to cover-up stains, or whatever

But then, there are some intricately cool ways to repurpose a T-shirt.


You can make a hat for your kid, like Cheri from
I am Momma Hear me Roar

or like me.

You can make accessories like BeccaG or buy them in her shop.

Orange & :Green Chevron Headband on Grey and Grey Button Up Knitted Scarf with Kandinsky-esque Button

There are numerous T-shirt necklaces on the web, just click here, you won't know what hit you. Nevertheless, the most amazing, happy, colorful and unique T-shirt necklaces are made by Maša a.k.a. Sušena žemljica. And she calls the Spaghettis!!! Just look at this

 Yes, yes..these are handmade buttons, and I like them more than diamonds. Seriously!

And now, from decorating ourselves, we can move to our home-decor. For instance, by making a pillow:

Find a tutorial here.

Or these pom-poms:
Tute here.

Or if you have around 50 T-shirts you don't know what to do with, and you are armed with incredible patience, you could do this rug:

Get the tutorial here.

I love all of these. I am most probably not making a rug, I am not a patient person AND we have a bulldog. Bulldogs shed extremely, so no rugs for us really. But you should! Let me know if you do!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scallop bag sew-along

A little more than a month ago Kate from See Kate Saw had a birthday party for her blog. For this ocasion she gave US a present, the sweet scallops tote pattern and a tutorial.


 was  organized and I was one of the first ones to apply. Nevertheless, it took me untill today to do something about it. Linky is already filled up with loads of colorful totes, which you can check out here
And with less than 5 hours left to link up, here comes mine (it is a refashion again, what else could be expected from me).

I bought a bag for 800 Ft (3,5$) at a thrift store a while ago, and I knew this is what I wanted to use for my scallop-bag.
It was a cool, big bag

with nice inside pockets, good zipper,

So I cut it up, cut my husbands shirt up, and also one innocent thrift store belt and made this:


And now I will go link up, because I'll be late in the end and my being awake at this hour of night will've lost its appeal.

Meet Virginia Design

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Art For Free - Saturday Night Special + Giveaway


First of all, let me just tell you how happy I am to have a chance to write about something like this, it is unbelievable!

A group of Hungarian artists got together in a brilliant project, and they called it simply by its name ART FOR FREE.

The idea was born in Pécs, where Kisház (Smallhouse) - the groups headquarters are situated. The idea behind the whole project is to make fine art readily available for basically anyone who bothers to pick it up, and to inspire people to actually want to own a piece of art.

Project kickoff took place at Dombos Fest

From left to right: Endre Kis, Ede Sinkovics, Róbert Gyuris

 Three artists, Endre Kis, Róbert Gyuris (Smallhousers) with Ede Sinkovics in addition made three sketches inspired by the local motifs. The three drawings were procesed with different computerized methods resulting in three prints, each printed in 100 copies. And here is where the fun begins, when the three wizards are done with it, every single piece becomes a unique piece of art. Each print is colored by all three of them, without previous plan or agreement. You can check out some of the magic they do here, and admire how versatile the outcome is.

For more photos go here. (Above photos were taken by Edvárd Molnár)

But this is not all. If you were not lucky enough to visit Dombos Fest, you still have a chance of getting hold of their art. There is a HUGE batch of 500 pieces waiting to be handed out like flyers on Budapest’s Nyugati sqare sometimes this year.

To add to that, people parked on a one of the parking lots in Pécs were surprised a few days ago by Smallhousers Róbert Gyuris - Endre Kis - András Pinczehelyi and art drawings on their windshields. 

From left to right:  Endre Kis, András Pinczehelyi, Róbert Gyuris

     For more photos go here.

A little birdie tells me they are planning something yet unseen before...ART FOR FREE delivery with your pizza. I don’t have the details yet, othewise I would be having pizza every day, in hope of getting one of their pieces.

And if you weren't lucky to be on Dombos Fest, you don't live in Pécs, or you do but you just weren't parked at that particular parking lot yesterday, you won't be in Budapest by the end of this yer to grab hold of one of the 500 prints on Nyugati square, and you absolutely despize pizza (is there such a person anyway?), there is still a chance for you to get ART FOR FREE. How? The cool people of Kisház offered to give away 20 of their prints to readers of BagofPretty, wherever they are. All you need to do is:

Leave a comment to this blog post saying you would like to win + Like Bagofpretty and Kisház on Facebook

If for some reason you are not on facebook, and you would still like to win one of the prints, you still can (remember, fine art for all). In that case please:

Leave a comment to this blog post saying you would like to win, and describe how and where you promoted this (link to your blog, any other social network...and interesting story of how you told your neighbour, babysitter, dogwalker about us...give us something!)

For additional entries share the link of this blog post on your page, blog about it or do whatever you do when you want to promote something (please leave a separate comment for this).

This giveaway will close at Midnight on December 12. 2011. (Budapest time) and is open to anyone. I would LOOOVE to see these babies dispatch all over the world! Winners will be chosen randomly using

You can leave comments in any language, we are openminded people!

Here are the winners:

1.  Nenad who said: Ah, and I shared it on Facebook, its important, I reckon.
2.  Martina who said: I ja hocu pobjediti ;-))))))) I'd like to win......
3. Ivana who said...My wall at facebook has shared this post,
                                 My wall at home would like to share it too,
                                 so pls give me ART for FREE
4.  Eszter who said: Képzeld a blogon nem tudok commentet hagyni!:( Úgyhogy itt mondom, én                is szeretnék nyerni!:) Like-oltam mindkettőtöket!:))
5.  Petra L B who said: I would like to win because I have very nice place on my wall where I would put it... As I'm not fb member I could not post it on my wall but I have sent mail to few friends....looking fwd for winner announcement :)))))))))) juhuuuuuu
6. laszlo F. who said: Ek wil my vrye kuns
7. Szalveta who said: ocu ja pobijediti :))) vec jesam ?? :))
8. Nat Welch who said: hi berto! this is fantastic - please please send me a bag of pretty to new zealand i will love it forever - nat welch 50 crummer road grey lynn new zealand .... thankyou thankyou thankyou xxxxxx
9. Anna who said: Én is kérek nyomatot! És pizzát is fogok rendelni...   
10. Lorapas who said: Honestly, I was late at Dombos fest, I dont live in Pecs but I looove pizza. And ofc, I would like to hang one print on my wall. :)  
11. Belinda who said: I would like to win - thanks!
12. bibariba who said...teta biđa wants it too :) and will share it on her too :) a ti dođi sutr na kavu :)
13. Hrvi who said...I would LOVE to win!!! And I've shared it on a FB! :D
14. Anonymous (Danica) who said: Volela bih da pobedim!:)))
15. vanja who said: I'd like to win. :) !!! ihaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
16. ksenija who said: hocu i ja da pobedim ! :) a ima li protekcije ? ;)
17. MajaNS who said: Podelila na fb, to sada znaju svi moji prijatelji, njih 203, od tih 203 njih 70% će možda to pogledati, od tih 70% moguće je da će 40% lajkovati, a od tih što su lajkovali možda će 20% podeliti na svom profilu, a ako...uh... , pa ovo je već vredno nagrade...:)))
18. mama i tata who said: i mi zelimo dobiti, poslali smo mail svim prijateljima
19. Anonymous (Viki) who said: Queen Viktorius is entering the competition!
20. rpezelj who said: Ja želim sve....

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Please send your mailing address to and we will contact you with details!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Ongoing contests wrap-up

1. UNDO TODO re-create, share and win! 

Closes November 15!

Loads of cool entries, with new ones popping up every day. Some of my personal faves for now are:

From left to right:


Gianetta by Nadia Mazzotta.

Bottle cap earrings by Luka aka Soul Frames.

Umbrella Skirt by Cecilia Felli

Bike park by Roberto Volpe. 

 Voting is still open!


 Closes Nov 15!

Except for my own HangPretty, which you can vote for here,

I also love these:

From left to right:

Stretch it by Mariane.

Snap by Klarack.

Voting is still open!

 3. Finish this book - Closes Nov 20

Personal fav

Giraffe Book Page Holder by Jill from The Dapper Toad.

Voting is still open!


Check out the rest of the entries, you might find stuff you will like more.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yet another hanger

I made two hangers this weekend. I posted about one in my last post. I love it, looks great in our hallway and I am happy whenever I pass next to it. But I might love this other one even more. It is so cute and irresistible, it makes me smile!

You'll need a tree stump, a leg of a broken toy (the blue thingies), drill, wood glue and spray paint.

And some screws to mount in on the wall...

And there you have it. Isn't it lovely?

Petra Beyond The Picket Fence HookingupwithHoH

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HangPretty contestant

 About 3 weeks ago, I posted about the Hellogoodbye ready made design competition by Das rote Paket.

Today I entered.



If you have a facebook account, please take your time to vote here.

BTW. my blog is exactly one month old today :)

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