Sunday, April 29, 2012

Papergirl Zagreb & Art for Free

Today Papergirl Zagreb and Art for Free projects came together in the form of 'me bringing an envelope with 30 prints from Kisház to Zagreb's own papergirl'.

I had a wonderful cup of coffee at Muzungu, first Fair Trade coffee-shop in Croatia, and a nice chat with Marina, one of the Papergirls. She smiles all the time, and her and her Papergirls buddy Ivana's aim is to bring smiles to people's faces with little rolled-up packages of art from around the world dropped into their laps by 'crazy' bikers.

Rollable art-pieces are still accepted and awaited for, for more info visit Papergirl Zagreb blog or facebook page.

You go girls!

Friday, April 27, 2012

KCWC Day4: T-Shirt to a Dress

As I already mentioned, I am not home. My supplies are limited, as is my time...but it makes this KCWC even more fun. This little dress was made after midnight, hence no model. It is just an easy refashion of my old T-shirt. I used original hems for the bottom, and sleeves, made the neck opening smaller and made a gentle A-line. I used P's T-shirt for sizing. Seeing my friends tomorrow morning, and this will be a present for their little girl.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

KCWC Day3: Accessorize with scraps - scarf and beanies

For Day 3 of KCWC I used up scraps left over from my Spring top and an ancient T-shirt loved first by my mom and them by me for years and years to make a spring scarf for P, and 2 beanies for baby I.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

KCWC Day 2 - Ugly PJs to Cool PJs

P got this PJs from his great-grandma. Cool race car print, but very ugly model. Huge shoulders and sleeves, shapeless bottoms. We fixed it today. It is still quite big on him, but that is OK for a pajama.

Nighty Night!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KCWC Spring: Day 1 - Upcycled onesie + head scarf

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How to sharpen your scissors, for KCWC spring 2012

KCWC is ON! Everyone in the blogland is talkin about it:) As Sophie from Cirque Du Bebe put it so nicley, the week when "everywhere, normally functional, responsible mothers are turning themselves into crazy sewing ladies for a whole week."

Me, I am not at home, I am spending some time at my parents in Croatia, which basically means I am sort of stash-less. Luckily, the old Bagat my dad bought when I was only 1 year old is still going strong.

I already did some sewing for the Spring top sewalong on it yesterday, and it works like a clock.

Our sewing scissors, probably as old as the machine if not older, were another story. The scissors I have at home came with the sharpener, so I never learned the trick my dad showed me today. All you need is:

a pin

 and those scissors begging to be sharpened

 You just move the pin up and down, and try to cut into it, do that several times. Your scissors will be as good as new.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring top

As always, I did this last-minute! My Spring top 2012 sewalong piece, on the last day of the sewalong.
I have not sewn for myself in years. Also, this was my first ever knit top, and I am super happy with how it turned out. I used my old top for sizing, everything else was just sort of happening along the way. I also did french seems, because I don't have a serger and I wanted it to be pretty. It is pretty, isn't it?

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wedding gift for foodies

Our foodie friends got married this weekend.
This was our gift to them:

Contents of the basket were selected Croatian and Serbian products we thought were worth gifting, and they are:

3 types of rakija
homemade olive oil from Dugi otok, Croatia
pumpkin seed oil from Croatia's Međimurje county
3 types of slatko 
chestnut honey
Bajadera - a queen of chocolates and the first Croatian confectionery product to be granted the “Croatian Creation” label
Griotte - sour cherry immersed in fine liquor centre, coated in dark chocolate (produced to the original, 90 year old recipe)
homegrown garlic


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Surprise, surprise - pallet garden furniture

On Easter Monday, on my way back to Budapest, from Zagreb, I visited my I always do. First thing I saw was a decorated tree in from of her house, which was kind of expected.

What I did not expect to see was this:

My 80 years old grandma has pallet furniture in her front yard!!!!!!!!!

This cools set was made by my cousin's future hubby Saša, who is (obviously) very creative and handy. You all probably know what pallets look like and how rough they are, but these are so soft and smooth, and oh so wonderful. I can't wait to go to visit for longer, and have my morning coffee there.

And one day maybe I can show you some other amazing things he made.

Update: This project has been featured on: Pallet Furniture Blog 
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Papergirl Zagreb - Call for Submissions

Just moments ago, a great project was brought to my attention. A project that, similarly to Art for free project I wrote about several months ago, aims to bring art to the masses and expose new audiences to different arts and artists.

Aisha Roniger founded Paper Girl in 2005. when it was a criminal offense to post art in public places in Berlin. The basic idea was to distribute art like newspapers used to be distributed by paperboys.

About the project

The project is organised into four components, which is followed by all Papergirl franchises worldwide:
  1. A call-out is placed to the local community requesting people (not necessarily artists) to submit work.
  2. An exhibition is held in which the work is showcased.
  3. The artwork is rolled up and then distributed by bicycle in a group to random individuals in urban areas.
  4. A celebration is held to thank everyone involved.
Anyone, regardless of age, education, profession, gender, or location. Any type and any amount of artworks is accepted, as long as they rollable.

is now calling for submissions!


Deadline for submissions is June 1st, 2012.

All submissions will be published on the blog and exhibited in Zagreb (Croatia) before they are distributed.

The same project is taking place in Rijeka (Croatia) at the same time, and Novi Sad one month later (submission deadline July 1st, 2012.)