Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn muffins

This for my sewing buddies around the world, since Kid's Clothes Week is still on I'd like to dedicate this quick bake to all the mamas who don't have to feed their kids this week:)

My kids won't eat plums! I don't know why, they get wander, colour is great, they smell bite and they spit. What is up with that? Plums are autumn fruit you should binge on till they are only good to make jam. Well, not in this house.

So if you too have plums going bad in the fridge in hope your kids will wake up one day and like them, you better try this recipe. Perfectly moist and yummy and great even the next day! Needless to say, kids loved it. I didn't even have to hide the fact there are plums in there.

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