Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween & Pavle Picasso

My favorite Halloween/Carnival costume has got to be when P and I dressed up as Picasso and his painting (Pavle=Picasso, mama=painting). P was not even 2 years old. I wasn't going to put a huge costume on him for that day, I was going for something we could have fun with together, but later on as a costume it had to be something he wouldn't even notice, otherwise he would take it off right away.

I let him 'pain' my white top the day before the party at his nursery. I also found a 2 'Picasso' fonts and made iron-on signo for the painting and P's arm, only changing Pablo to Pavle. And that is it.

Check out my Halloween pinterest board for some last minutes ideas and printables.

Monday, October 29, 2012

AmorAmor Giveaway

Winter is dangerously close, Hallowing is just a few days away and I have another AmorAmor giveaway for you. Another cute monster to warm your hearts. Meet Nachito!

And here is what you can win this time:

A‘limited edition’ monsters keying or Bag Tag.

This monster has been made using eco-friendly MDF that has been laser cut to show more detail and it’s also hand sanded and semi-gloss varnished. Measurements: D 4mm, L 8cm, W 5cm. The monster keying chain is attached to two little chains that finish with a colorful wool pom-pom. The keying provides a sense of fun with a unique illustration design, and it’s ideal for kids right through to adults.

It will arrive beautiful packaged and gift wrapped

Just leave a comment below telling me do you go trick or treating in your country on Halloween! Pls validate you entry in Rafflecopter where you will get additional entry options to increase your chances of winning! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

AmorAmor is still offering their 1 year anniversary 25% off the whole store. Check out their new monster-bib designs  or one of my personal favs the Postcard Artist kit for some more monster fun.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blood type, zodiac sign toys? Yes!

What is your blood type? How about your Chinese zodiac sign?

I am a 0 and a dragon!

 Free downloads available at toxicpaperfactory.

Check out my Free printables pinterest board!

Poor toys by Poorex

Chore inspired wooden toys by a Polish brand Poorex. Meet Peg car, Sink car and Brush car.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trzy Myszy exhibition (Budapest)

A couple of weeks ago, as part of Budapest Design Week, Trzy Myszy (Three Mice toy factory) exhibition opened at the Polish institute. We've been there several times since. If you are regular on this blog, you might know I am a sucker for cardboard toys, bought and home-made alike. It is not a 'look but don't touch' kind of exhibition and my kids have a blast every time we go there.

As you can see, cars are the absolute favorites.

For those in Budapest, the exhibition can be viewed until November 9 (and it is free) when a a Tea Party with Three Mice will take place as the closing event.
For those of you further away, browse the toys on the website. I am loving the colour scheme.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Petit à Petit and family COLLECTION

 Dear all,

you might remember Celina from Petit à Petit and family. You also might remember how I don't understand why she is even talking to me...but this is because she is super nice. Not only her pinterest followers are counted with 6 zeroes, she is out with a totally cute and cool baby & kids collection in collaboration with Minibulles!
Collection consists of basic pieces every kid needs: t-shirts, leggings, sweatpants & sweatshirts to accessorize with hats, scarves and bibs. Each item is hand stamped with water based, safe ink, easy to wash, dry and even iron.

Minibulles ship within 72 hours & all over the world!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Miszko Maszko flip dolls

I just composed my flip doll. You can do the same through misko maszko maker.
They are about 30cm tall and they are printed in miszkomaszko studio using water based paint on natural fabrics made in Poland.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marbushka giveaway (closed)

Please welcome my newest sponsor, the one and only Marbushka toy manufactory!

Their are, without a doubt, the most beautiful  board games I have ever seen. Which is why I would like you to go and have a look through the list and let me know if you agree with me. Tell me what first comes to your mind, and tell me which game is your favorite. Don't just rush through, give yourself time and you will not be sorry. I promise. You will see fantastic illustration, great design, hand painted figures... By leaving a comment with your favorite game and validating it in the tool below you will enter a draw for the board game called


(It is a widely know fact that princesses don't cook. Except if there’s a noble cause – or maybe a person – for whom they’ll do anything. As it happens, there lived a prince in the realm, who made the hearts of all the princesses go all fluttery in their royal chests with his impeccable gallantry and good looks. He was a prince worth cooking for. The princesses tried everything to seduce him...but nothing seemed to have any effect, neither their charming personalities nor their beautiful tempting smiles. Finally they came to the conclusion that there was no other choice but to use magic.)

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone! And please don't forget to leave the comment + validate, only that way will your entries be counted.

Show them some love by visiting their site, liking them on facebook  or following the subtle and beautiful blog.

Monday, October 15, 2012

EFVVA - hand painted kids wear

A unique young brand of clothes and shoes, handmade in Poland and personally designed and finished by Ewa Wrobel-Hultqvist. For those wanting to explore the brand EFVVA is offering 50% discount to first time buyers in October. Even if you don't see something in the desired size in the shop, contact her - she is really nice. My heart is aching for snowflake shoes. Not your typical boy shoe, but I think P could so pull it off.

KCWC Fall 2012: Day 7

I come from a huge headed family. Not that we get stared at on the bus or alike, but the matter of fact is that we all have really big heads. I mean, helmets eg. are not made in a size my dad would need and my helmet is probably the size someones dad wears. So, there was a fair change I will have big headed children. And again, they don't get stared or pointed at at the playground, but we do get hand-me-down clothes that a kid before them had no trouble wearing, and I simply can't pull it over their heads. 

This happened with the following sweater too:

So with the help of two stripes of knit cut off the bottom of daddy's old top and some snap buttons I made a cardie.

I don't think his head looks big at all. Do you?

And that was that. By bye KCWC, till next spring. I am missing you already!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012: Day 6

You are probably thinking "Come on, sweats again! She could really do something else already!" But I am actually quite happy to be doing this. This is what baby I needs the most now, since he goes through several pairs in one day. The only thing is, I will really have to continue sewing next week, because P has been completely neglected this week. But hey, he did have one KCWC all to himself we had I.
 Again, I only changed the shape of the pant, and I added this pocket to cover up the ridiculously small pocket that was originally there.

One more day to go and then we have to wait for half a year for another KCWC. We should have a monthly get together, or something, don't you think?:)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mingling with the KCWC crowd: Sophie aka Cirque Du Bebe

The stuff she sew for her boys is always amazing. I've been known to sit and wait, nervously hitting the f5 button on my computer to see what her next entry for KCWC will be. And here she is now, mingling with us.

Why do you do KCWC? 

I love the buzz around KCWC and the sense of community. It's a great time to discover new blogs and generally be inspired by everyone's creativity! I think its really nice to have a bi-yearly event like KCWC to bring all these talented sewing mamas together to sew with a purpose.

How many times did you participate till now? 

I think this is my fourth time...

Were you ever featured on Elsie Marley blog during the challenge? 

I've been featured a couple of times and it's a pretty amazing feeling. Sewing thrills all the way!

Favorite KCWC project you've done:

My favourite project is probably the 'be friendly to the carnival folk' coat . I love the fabric!

Who do you sew for?

I sew for my two boys, age 2 and 4 and more recently started sewing for myself. I love the challenge of sewing for boys because you can't just jazz their clothes up with frills and lace. You have to look a bit further afield for inspiration but once you find it, and discover your boy style, it's really exciting.

Do you have favorites among the participants? Someone whose project you can't wait to see the next day?

I have so many favorites and the 'list' is never exhausted, in fact it gets added to every time KCWC takes place. When I come across something inspiring in the flickr pool, with a blog link attached, I'll always go check it out and I've stumbled upon some of my absolute favorite sewing blogs through KCWC.

So happy to have you here Sophie! Thanks!

KCWC Fall 2012: Day 4 - Buttnumbered



Mingling with the KCWC crowd: Carla aka Small & Friendly

Meet Carla from Small & Friendly.

Why do you do KCWC? 

Because it gives me the extra push I need to complete a few of the many sewing projects on my ever growing to do list. And I feel so inspired by all of the amazing clothes people create for their little ones.

How many times did you participate till now?

This will be my fourth (I think).

Were you ever featured on Elsie Marley blog during the challenge? 

I was and it was such a boost to my sewing confidence!

Favorite KCWC project you've done:

That is a hard one! I think these shorts are my favorite because I learned to most from making them :

Who do you sew for?

I sew for my almost three year old son. I love creating cool outfits for him, especially because finding cute boy clothes at the store can be challenging. 

Do you have favorites among the participants? Someone whose project you can't wait to see the next day?

I always love to see what Sophie of Cirque du Bebe is up to. And Max California has great style. And of course, Meg of Elsie Marley never disappoints!

Thanks Carla for being here.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mingling with the KCWC crowd: Jaqueline aka BEGINwithB

Hello there my KCWC friends, mingling is continuing with Jacq from BEGINwithB. I'd definitely let my people talk to her people. Her boys wear pink! My boys wear pink too! I love boys in pink!

For a year or so I followed KCWC, watching the things that people made and being so inspired but too intimidated to join in. It wasn't until I was home with my boys full-time that I began to actually participate. However, I still lacked the courage to actually post my things in the flickr group. When I began blogging this past January I started posting things to the flickr group and was excited to see these alligator pants featured over at Elsie Marley.

KCWC has become something that pushes me to stretch my sewing skills. I am daily inspired by the things that others create and try patterns I wouldn't usually choose. Usually I sew just for my two boys but this year I have a couple girl gifts on my list.

Last spring I created a few pairs of sarouel's for Case. These funky grey and turquoise were my favorite, with the hand stitching on the cuffs. He of course has outgrown them.  These pants were inspired by Sophie of Cirque du Bebe and she is definitely one I watch for daily during KCWC. Her clothes are beautifully made and encourage me to think outside the box as I design for my boys.

Come mingle with us, leave us a comment:)

Mingling with the KCWC crowd: Cherie aka you & mie

Why do you do KCWC?

Kids clothing is probably my favorite thing to sew and I do it all the time.  But KCWC is great because there's so much motivation knowing you're working along with hundreds of others creating clothes for our little ones all at the same time.  It's a great opportunity to set goals, challenge yourself, and get things crossed off your to do list.  Plus there's so much inspiration in the flickr pool and I love "meeting" new people and seeing what other people are creating.

How many times did you participate till now?

This is my second time participating in KCWC (last spring was my first).

Were you ever featured on Elsie Marley blog during the challenge?

Yes, this brown tee I made earlier this week from Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee pattern was just featured in Meg's daily round-up.  It made me so excited to see it up on her blog - she has a lot of photos to choose from in that flickr pool!

 Favorite KCWC project you've done! 

The project I was most proud of last spring was the Jump Rope Dress (pattern by Oliver + S).  I worked on it a little each day and finished it by the end of the week.  I learned how to make a button packet and collar and it was my first time sewing from an actual pattern, so those were big accomplishments for me.

Who do you sew for?

I sew for my daughter, Yuki, who just turned two.  She is a very active toddler who loves to climb and play with dirt, so as much as I love to make her cute little dresses, she spends 95% of the time wearing pants and t-shirts.  So this KCWC, I'm focusing on making her some comfy knit clothing that she can wear to preschool and get dirty.  She's also getting to that age where she has opinions about everything and can finally articulate them, so I imagine that she's going to have a lot to say about her clothes.  That should be really interesting and fun and, I'm sure at times, very challenging :)

Do you have favorites among the participants? Someone whose project you can't wait to see the next day?

Oooh, there are so many talented and amazing participants out there and I actually love looking through the flickr pool and finding NEW people whose style really speaks to me.  But some of the people I love to follow during KCWC (and always) are the ladies from elsie marley (the host of KCWC), skirt as top, probably actually, made by rae, trula:kids and cirque du bebe, along with about a hundred others :)

Thank you Cherie from you & mie