Monday, October 14, 2013

Learning to read just got complicated - Hungarian alphabet

My son, as I already mentioned once or twice, has developed an obsessive love for letters. Which is great, and loads of fun, because it sort of gives me a little rest in the creativity department. See, I don't need to try to figure out what he should do when at home, because if he is not playing with his cars he will want to read or write...or as he calls it: DRAW LETTERS! Even in the bathtub. It is also incredibly amazing to follow how his little mind works. However, it came too fast! Why? Because I haven't been able to figure out how to deal with all of those languages we use here  (you can read about that here) when it comes to reading and writing. We've sort of mastered the Croatian ABCs, but suddenly he starts reading a Hungarian label or takes out an English book and then I explain the differences to him, and he acts as if he understands, but I get all tired and worried it might just be too much to handle...for me:)

Did you know that Hungarian alphabet has 44 letters (English has 26).

BUT, when you learn the letters in Hungarian, however intimidating the word must look spelling is pretty straightforward (same is in Croatian) while in English spelling is where the fun begins.

I've been eying this  Hungarian alphabet book by Anna Kövecses on Behance for ages, love the vintage look of all her work.




Although I love ABC posters and prints in general, I somehow feel they are 'for decoration only'. When a small kid is just learning this is the perfect way for them to see the letters, over sized and one by one, especially for sounds that consist of more than letter, and there are several of those in Hungarian, Croatian and let's not forget German, which luckily for me has not come up yet as a reading language...but it won't be long I am sure.

Anna Kövecses' book is available for purchase on Blurb.

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