Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Color dipped boy

Continuing on my quest to prolong the life of P's pants...
His grey corduroys got outgrown for the second dime. The first time I just let down the seems to the maximum. Since he loves this pants, not only they were short, they were seriously worn out, and weirdly only on the left knee and thigh. As I didn't want to cut the pants to look like hot pants, I cut them at an angle that could go across both legs and cover all the areas that needed to be cut off, but still give me enough fabric of the other pants to attach and lengthen a little.They look like I dipped them in colour:)

Enough already...

The beanie on the above photos is also a project from my first KCWC two years ago.


  1. oh, it's so cool! And the model is cute :-)

  2. I love these - what a great idea to cut them on an angle! sherri@threadridinghood.com

  3. so cool! I love that you cut them on an angle- what a stylish and handsome boy you got there. :)