Monday, October 28, 2013

Please tell me, you too lose it sometimes

The first thing I told my son this morning, was NO. And then fifteen times more! He was nagging me about something ridiculous, and he would not stop until I said yes, which I wasn't going to do, but he doesn't get it. He simply does not accept no for an answer! And then I snapped, and yelled at him. Like you would yell at a grownup, who doesn't listen to what you are saying. It was a relatively long YELL, full of  you-just-don't-get-its and will-you-ever-learns and ended with me furiously leaving the room.

Good morning mom!

I feel like crap since then...I mean, who is the kid in this house?
And then I cried to this video, wandering what P would say about me if they asked him today...

A New Perspective For Moms from Elevation Church on Vimeo.

Do you, fellow moms, snap? Do you too lose it sometimes? Please tell me!


  1. All moms lose it occasionally. I always feel endlessly guilty afterwards, but have learned to apologise for snapping and explain again why the NO and how frustrating it is to repeat yourself numerous times.

    You are a wonderful mom, a yell here and there do nto change that fact AT ALL!



  2. I did apologize, and he covered his ears:))