Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rug to pillow

Almost 2 years ago when we moved to our current home, we also made a pallet reading nook for P.  It needed a number of pillows. We were broke, and so was my sewing machine. But there is always Ikea to save the day.
I always loved Ikea Signe rugs, handmade look, 100% cotton and soft colors. And when I realized that with their dimensions of 60x90 cm they are perfect for Ikea pillows 60x40 pillows I couldn't be happier. These rugs cost something like 3 dollars each, and you just need to fold them in half and you have yourself a new pillowcase for your reading nook.

I wanted to keep that handmade look (and I had no sewing machine, remember?) so I sewed it up using embroidery thread and blanket stitch, different colors on each side.

 When I was out of thread I spiced things up:

I used sew in snap buttons on the inside, because I wanted the pillowcases to be removable but I didn't want any buttons to show.

And this is how I got my pretty and oh so comfy pillows.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Last minute floorbed

P is in last minute swimming camp since today morning. We weren't home for the weekend, and before we left I had no idea he will be going to the camp. One of the things kids needed to bring with them was a foam pad, for their afternoon nap. Whaaat? How is he supposed to sleep on that? Plus, I don't have one!
What I did have, was a big chunk of 3 cm thick mattress foam my brother wanted to throw away (his new sofa was packaged in it) and I, as a major hoarder of junk stuffed in my storage area.
I also had fabric..I always have fabric.

Oilcloth tablecloth on one side, Ikea Saralisa on the other. Sew 3 sides on the wrong side, turn out the fabric, stuff the foam in neatly, sew one side from the outside, not at all easy at 1 o'clock at night and with foam pulling the whole thing out. But I did it!

Morning testing...
Yes, I made one for his friend too, while I was at it.

Hm, not to happy, is he?:)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Seriously, 2D Bags?

Cool photos, cool props, right?
Except they are not!

Yes, these are in fact, real bags from and innovative line JumpFromPaper designed by 2 girls with crazy imagination. Based in Taiwan - Rika and Chay are trying to live by their motto: “Fun is the apple of our eyes!” 
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Feedaway cardboard feeding chair

Feedaway by Belkiz is a temporary toddler feeding chair made of cardboard.

'Feedaway is made from recycled Visy cardboard, and comes with its own 3 point safety harness and recycled cardboard carry box that is strong enough to withstand the rigours of travel by car, train or airplane. Feedaway also fits in a large suitcase. The Belkiz Feedaway and carry box can be recycled after use. '

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Cardboard furniture by foldschool

As a lover of cardboard, recycling and making stuff I also love free patterns and templates, especially if they are as cool as foldschool.

In order to make good design available for everyone, foldschool offers free templates for stool, chair and a rocker designed by Swiss-based architect Nicola Enrico Stäubli.
Products are not available in their completed form, because of their philosophy that says:

'The process of crafting your own piece of furniture is fundamental to the attitude of foldschool. We are considering to offer certain designs as a semi-finished product (perforated, creased but not assembled)'

I have yet to try them out, but apparently the folding of the cardboard makes it very solid and it can carry the weight of an adult without problem. When you've made your little furniture kids can personalize them and do their part in the creative process.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Papercraft Alphabet and other amazing stuff

To stay in paper/cardboard theme, have a look at this amazing Papercraft Alphabet Digidrop created. Each letter 'represents a thing, animal,  people or an activity (like H for a handshake) starting with that letter.

And what is best, all 26 templates are available for free download. This site has some amazing resources for free downloadable paper toys, so make sure to check it out.

My favorites besides the alphabet are finger-animals and Cubicity

 Click on photos for links, and enjoy!

via How About Orange

Monday, July 23, 2012

Makedo a boat

Way back in March, after we made out cardboard plane I was sent a precious package by Makedo to try out. We've been friends ever since. Some of our creations were lost for good when Daddy formatted the memory card with our photos on, but this weekend we had some serious fun making a boat. I say serious fun, because:
 1. It is always fun to create something from nothing
2. P finally started taking initiative, he had some great ideas and he was really into the whole thing all the way

What you need is a pack of Makedo connector system, a 3 year old full of imagination and some cardboard.

And you can  paddle:

fight the croc

 paddle some more

and then quickly turn on the motor to run away

Check if there are any more crocodiles coming your way

Now that the danger is over, get some rest:

You have a big day tomorrow pulling your brother around in a box

For more on Makedo, visit their cool website, or like them on facebook or twitter for daily inspiration and some great projects from around the world.

Also, dont forget to enter a Pappet giveaway , where you can also win a great toy boosting your kids iimagination.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Have design aspirations for your kid?
Want your kid to:

- be included in the next MIMA range and printed in the pages of BIG Kids Magazine
- receive a subscription to BIG Kids Magazine.
- receive one tee with their artwork screenprinted on it.
- receive a poster of it’s choice from the Mini and Maximus online store
- pick a charity of it’s choice for Mini and Maximus to donate $100 in their name.
- be featured on all Mini & Maximus and BIG Kids Magazine social media

More info here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pappet castle review + a paper toy GIVEAWAY (closed)

Last week we received a package in the post almost every day. One was particularly big and precious: a Pappet cardboard castle. I don't have to tell you P was ecstatic.

I didn't think that was possible, but as you can see, he can fit in the middle.

He furnished it immediately.

Entrance area:

Roof terrace and kitchen with an island:


 And the biggest space in the middle for the playroom:

This castle is beautifully designed, and is surprisingly sturdy - sturdy enough for a toddler to jump in and out all the time, which he is doing over, and over, and over again. Since I am a lover of cardboard, I like its natural color, but it is completely customizable, you can paint it, draw on it or decoupage it. You can use any type of paints other than water-colors. It can be put together very easily and doesn't require any tools, only cardboard that you get in a package. It is also disassembled very easily so you can put it away for a while (if you want to reclaim your living-room for example).

To find out more about Bernardett and Pappet read the interview, or check out her web page (only in Hungarian for now).

I am happy to announce that you can win one of the following Pappet paper toy packages:


To enter the giveaway please use Rafflecopter below and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

KATTUSKA (interview with Kata Toth)

Last week we had no interviews, this week we have two. Today I wand to introduce you to a fairly new brand - Kattuska. To find out how they started making their beautifully designed plywood wanders read on and enjoy.

1. For introduction, could you first tell us a few words about Kattuska and the people behind it?

KATTUSKA is a repository of stylish children’s toys, furniture for children’s room and related accessories. We offer a continuously expanding range of products, as well as exciting and practical solutions to children’s room furnishings.
There are two of us behind the brand, me and my husband. I am bringing in the ideas, building a strategy and taking care of marketing, while my husband, with long furniture designing experience behind him, helps bring those ideas to life in his own workshop.

2. You are quite a new brand on the market. How did it all start?

With the degree in economic studies I worked as product manager for years. I love marketing but I also love creative things, making ideas happen and the design itself.
Teamed with my husband, for years we've been playing with the idea of designing toys and furniture that dress the space and don't just fill it. I finally managed to start my own brand when at the beginning of the year I got a huge opportunity to exhibit Kattuska's first two toys in the Made in Hungary section of Lakástrend - the biggest Hungarian interior design exhibition.

Both Castle and Boat got their audience. Our toys didn't just get best marks on design fairs, we tested them in a private kindergarten from where we received positive feedback from dozens of children. Their joyful play is the proof for us that we are on the right track and that there is a demand for beautiful, quality toys.  

3. Your products are mainly made of plywood, are you planning to expand to something else?

Both Castle and a Boat are made of natural beech plywood. This clean, simple and yet thanks to wood pattern very versatile material gives both toys their beautiful appearance.

Since the very beginning we entertained the idea of using other materials and colors. As the result of that only a few weeks ago, out first white Castle was born, which will hopefully have its colorful followers soon.

Accessories are naturally not made only of woods. Kattuska sword, for example, is unique for  its grip made of corian.

3 types of sword grips made of corian


Kattuska flags are designed by us and printed by an outside company that specializes in that.

Castle roof and curtains are made by me for now, but I'd love to work with other designers, especially in line of kids furniture and textiles.

4. How much do your children influence your work?

My children are my biggest inspiration and my biggest critics. They are also the first testers of our products. For example, we had to produce 3 prototypes of the Boat to be able to say it was finished, because Soma (our son) managed to flip it over every time. But now I know that we are selling a stable and well tested rocker.

They also give great ideas.  When we made the first castle we put it in the kids room for testing. After they played for a while, our daughter Hanga asked: mom, and where is the roof?
And this is how the Castle roof was born: easy on/off and washable too! And they can play house in the dark!

5. Which part of the creative process do you like best?

 When an idea comes to the stage of a sketch, then a computer plan is made out of it, it is like a new life is born. This is a magical part of our work and we both enjoy it very much. At times like this we spend long sleepless nights discussing the plans, thinking up the form, drawing, eating and drinking, laughing and of course sometimes fighting.
KATTUSKA is like our third child, demanding a lot of attention, developing slowly and beautifully, and sometimes making parents disagree on a thing or two...

6. Do you have a 5-10-year plan, or do you just do it instinctively?

It would be an exaggeration to say we have a business plan for the next 5-10 years, but we do have our idea of where we want to take KATTUSKA and what we would like to acchieve in future.
In the short run the main goal is product development. We are continuously working on new toys and we accept special orders for kids room design. It is important that people learn about this new brand and that products are showcased in as many places possible. In the long run the goal is profit realization of course, where foreign market is also important.

7. Favourite Hungarian designers!

For kids: Pucc, Bugyola, Nyúlgyár, Man
For grownups: Sári Kele, Nóri Vidó, László Naske, Nanushka

8. Favourite foreign designers!

Magis - Me Too: Eero Aarnio, Javier Mariscal, Mark Newson; Sibis, Monstrum, Patrick Weder, Mike He – Pistacchi Design, Nika Zupanc, Marimekko

Thank you  Kata, it was nice to have you here.

You can find KATTUSKA through following links:

web page

Monday, July 16, 2012

Manuela - kids fashion (interview with Manuela Maraczy)

Today I would like to introduce you to Manuela, kids fashion design brand from Hungary. With the retro feeling of 70's and 80's your 1-6 year old will deffo stand out from the average toddler wearing Manuela. Read on to find out more in the interview with Manuela Maraczy:

1. For introduction, could you first tell us a few words about Manuela - the person?

Hm. I don't know if there is anything interesting to tell about me. I was born in a small city in Hungary, I am from a basic family with lots of talent. My father worked in a theater as a scenic designer for years, so I grew up in the theater walking around the departments and of course my favorite was the costume department.
I have studied at Mome and after graduation I lived in Helsinki for 6 years. I came back to Hungary because I was missing the colorful life and the vibe of Budapest, and mostly my family.

2. And now Manuela - the brand?

The brand was established in 2005, I was designing women's street wear.

But in 2011. I started to design kids clothes. I do not follow the conservative way of the actual season’s cuts, colors and fabrics, but freely flowing from one season to another. I might use the same fabrics, but just die them to another color. Or same cuts but different details. So I change things one by one and at the end you do not recognize the original one anymore.

3. How did it all start? Why kids clothes?

It started with a women's line collection around year 2002. It was a very small retro style collection based on the influence from Helsinki where I have studied as an exchange student.
Then I have designed more and more for women in Helsinki where I was living back in that time. And then I got 2 lovely daughters so my interest has shifted to kids designs.
We moved back to Hungary at 2010. and I started to mix the Scandinavian simplicity with the Hungarian decorative style on kids clothes.

4. So you have a daughters, to which extent do they influence your work?

First of all I pay attention to what do they need in everyday life and on special occasions.
I find leggings on kids very practical and we use a lot of them. So I designed some special printed leggings which can be worn for festivities as well.
Every piece I design I ask my daughters to try on, and they love it :) They also tell their opinion and I listen their to feedback. But of course, they always love everything mom makes :)
As my daughters are growing the sizes will grow too, so I think we will end up with the women's line again.
5. What part of the creative process do you like best? Do you work alone?

I love choosing fabrics and making the first prototypes. When I cut out the clothes from the fabric I start to be excited so much to sew it together and meanwhile I get lot of ideas how else I could use the same pattern or the same fabric. I also like selling on markets to meet the customers and to listen to their feedback.
I love meeting little girls who get excited about the clothes and always feel sorry about them not getting everything what they would want to have :)
I mostly work alone, but of course there are sewers for production and also there are some nice friends who help me with other things besides production.

6. Do you have a 5-10-year plan, or do you just do it instinctively?

I do have an unwritten plan for the following years. I would like to sell to shops abroad and start working solely on my own brand. At the moment I still have a part time job.
And maybe later on when my daughters have grown they could take over the company. But if not I would understand.

7. Favourite Hungarian designers!

Of course Nanushka, she is great and doing so well!

8. Favourite foreign designers!

There are many good designers who I like some items from, but I do not have an ideal to follow. I do what I get in my own head :)

Thank you Manuela!

You can get Manuela in her webshop or here. It is also worth following her on facebook to get up to date info on which fair she will be at.