Monday, November 11, 2013

Nostalgia trip

I went home to Croatia on the All Saints weekend and dug into my moms photo albums. What a trip:)

Me wearing a dress my great grandma sewed for me. Each ribbon was sewed on separately and perfectly. She was such a fantastic sewer, she could do anything and her sewing was perfect.

Different dress sewn by a different grandma. Her sewing skills were nowhere near my great grandma's, but she used to be so creative, she'd basically try and make us anything we wished for. (She is with me on the above photo)
Me with my dad and my brother, I am wearing a dress made from a Pipi Longstocking towel. I remember thinking this was the coolest design ever, two towels sewn together on shoulders and side seams. Incredible! And I loved that dress! Oh, this was also made by my grandma (above).
This photo has nothing to do with the handmade, but my mom (left) and aunt (right) are sporting some crazy hairstyles here. My aunt's glasses are beyond cool:) I love this photo!

This photo is the reason I went on this photo-digging spree. I was looking for it for ages. This crib for my doll was also my grandma's doing. It was a washing powder box, before she made it into the coolest piece of furniture ever, dressed it in fabric and even put lace trim on it. The crib also has a real mattress and bedlinen, of course. The crib is not around anymore, who knows where it ended up, but the linens are still there, nicely put away for future generations.
Update: my mom just told me the shirt I am wearing was actually an upcycle from my grandad shirt and pants were an upcycle from grandma's skirt.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Frog Prince, by Marbushka

Hungarian toy manufactory Marbushka just released their new game to the market. It is supposed to be their most beautiful game ever, but I think it is just as beautiful as all their other games. Sequel to The Lost Necklace, The Frog Prince will surely be the perfect addition to your family's gaming table.

Our story begins with a rash promise made by the well in the castle courtyard. The princess was playing with her golden ball on the edge of the well when the ball fell into the water. The princess was sobbing… in her despair, she even promised the frog who hurried to help her that in exchange for the ball, he may go with her to the palace. The frog helped gladly, hoping that this girl would finally break the curse and turn him back into a handsome prince once again with her kiss, but when the princess held her favorite toy in her hands again, she didn’t want to keep any of her promises anymore, and she left him. The frog went after her to remind her of her forgotten promise…

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Czesiociuch - Polish brand foy boys and girls alike

Anyone who knows me would, I am positive, say 'this is so Petra' after seeing Czesiociuch, Polish label for kiddos with attitude. I talked to the creators, read it on EastOK Europe.