Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tights to leggings

They grow so fast, don't they?
These tights are not worn out, they ripped because got too short to quickly. Now, I don't want to buy new ones, not now when spring is already here and weather is getting warmer and warmer. If I buy them now they won't fit him in fall anyway.

So I did this with most of his tights:

HOW TO: Just cut them right above the heel.
                 Use the piece between heel and fingers for cuffs.
                 Sew them on, I used zig zag stitch so it ruffled up the knit a bit, but we like it that way.

They are perfect for this weather. It is still cold in the mornings when he goes to the nursery, but he can take them off and leave only the socks on in the afternoons when it is warm and sunny.

And this way it is possible he will still be wearing some of them in the fall.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Your kids can make their own bed (linen)

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Birthday presents Part II: The handmade

The cutest: Stick horse, one of many creations by our teta Biđa (Biljana Jovanović)

The biggest: DIY Bunk Crib

Made by the ultimate DIYer of all time, my Dad, P's Grandad.
This is where the boys will sleep from now on when we go to see my parents. The bottom crib is P's old crib passed on to his little brother now. The top one is a bigger, second-hand crib my mom bought and told my dad to figure out how to make a bunk-crib for the boys. So he did.


As you can see, it even has a storage drawer.

P was ecstatic to sleep in the top bed, made him fell like a real BIG boy.
My Mom and Dad ROCK!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday Presents Part I

P. got several very cool presents for his B-Day this year. Not all of them were handmade, but very cool nevertheless. Books, puzzles and art supplies as constant source of joy are always welcome and much, much appreciated. These are also a very good choice if you have no idea what a child you are buying a present for likes. Most kids, if not all, love crayons, pencils, coloring books. It is also not a problem if you get those form several people (which is a very probable thing if you have 18 kids at your B-Day Party) because they will not go bad, or small, or boring.

If you ask a little boy from this photographs, you can never have enough trains, planes, cars, or any type of vehicles. So he naturally loved this wooden train. As for me, I've never seen a wooden train so light. Seriously, I love wooden toys, but they can be a weapon in hands of a toddler with a tantrum. This train, au contraire, could be thrown in to someones head, and not cause a serious injury.

You can get one from (No, they are not paying me to say this, unfortunately!)               

And then there is this puzzle-like something, with a carrot playing music if you touch the correct dot under the photo. Right. Fun, fun fun!

This T-Shirt is also a present,  from the designer Zita Majoros herself, from her Bolt collection.

This is one happy carrot!

Come back tomorrow, for a roundup of P's DIY presents.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Macaron Day

In honor of Macaron Day, I give you

Nike & Vesna - cooking big in Nike's tiny kitchen

2 girls
4 hands
1 oven
miracles by a dozen

They met a little over a year ago and immediately recognized great potential in each other and started cooking up a plan. They spend most of their free time cooking, and are always in search for new and challenging recipes. They both live in Zagreb, Croatia...and you are sure too meet them at a famous farmers market Dolac every Saturday morning. You can contact them at: if you are in need of a treat.

Look what it is like when they tackle macarons:

 Above photos are courtesy of my friend Sanjin K.

Note: In 2010, François Payard, chef and owner of François Chocolate Bar and François Payard Bakery in New York, organized the first annual Macaron Day in NYC. Macaron Day NYC is inspired by and coincides annually with the Jour du Macaron in Paris, created by la Maison Pierre Hermé Paris in association with the Relais Desserts.
(from Macaron Day NYC) 

After NYC, London and Paris, we have our own Macaron Day Hungary too. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birthday Cake Series: #2

I have very little time this weekend, but my cake #2 is not even a cake, as I already announced yesterday, so no problem.

And that is it from me today.

Photos are courtesy of my friend Nenad A.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Birthday Cake Series: #1

Let me tell you something about my cake-making skills! I have none! Not in the classic, bake-a-delicious-cake way anyway. I always make my son's birthday cakes though. I've made 3 cakes in my life. My son is 3, so you do the counting. Although, one of his cakes wasn't technically a cake anyway, but you will see that below in the post tomorrow.

When P's 1st birthday was approaching, I surfed the Internet, browsed through dozens of beautiful cakes, but nothing was really IT. First of all, I learned that kids as small as that, should not have too many kids on their party, because they can not appreciate it anyway, and they will just get confused, which I felt was a load of .... . We attended numerous activities from when he was 6 months old, so he had a bunch of friends at 1.
Second of all, I had a problem with a the usual 'cutting a cake' program of every birthday party. Somehow I didn't see that activity as something 1 year olds would enjoy. This applies to 2 and 3 year olds too. If you have a party with a lot of kids, you want to make it possible for all of them to attack the cake at approximately the same time!

1st Birthday Cake

Cookies, filling made of chocolate pudding, whipped cream and more cookies, topped with apple chips dipped in chocolate. The string I used to tie the whole thing around is also edible. As you can see, this is a NO BAKE cake.

And this is how it is eaten:

They were too cute. So cute in fact, that I decided just now to leave you to enjoy this sight a little longer and continue with my 2nd Birthday cake tomorrow. So stay tuned!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A very last-minute DIY B-Day Party

P. is 3!

He turned three yesterday and we had a huge party. It was supposed to be on Saturday but due to certain circumstances we had to move it to the actual date. To cut the long story short, I had half a day yo pull this off.

Number 3 everywhere.

 A huge pizza! 
'Small cakes' as he calls them.

 Something fancy for the grownups, using this recipe for The Naptime Chef.

THE Cake

And one very happy little 'BIG BOY'.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mommy, make me a Plane

P. playing doctors:

"Mommy, I want to be a flying vet* now. Can you make me a plane?"

Let's see...

He played with this for hours. So, tell me again...why would I buy any more plastic toys????

* If you are not familiar with The Flying Vet, check this episode of Peppa Pig out.