Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mingling with the KCWC crowd: Cherie aka you & mie

Why do you do KCWC?

Kids clothing is probably my favorite thing to sew and I do it all the time.  But KCWC is great because there's so much motivation knowing you're working along with hundreds of others creating clothes for our little ones all at the same time.  It's a great opportunity to set goals, challenge yourself, and get things crossed off your to do list.  Plus there's so much inspiration in the flickr pool and I love "meeting" new people and seeing what other people are creating.

How many times did you participate till now?

This is my second time participating in KCWC (last spring was my first).

Were you ever featured on Elsie Marley blog during the challenge?

Yes, this brown tee I made earlier this week from Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee pattern was just featured in Meg's daily round-up.  It made me so excited to see it up on her blog - she has a lot of photos to choose from in that flickr pool!

 Favorite KCWC project you've done! 

The project I was most proud of last spring was the Jump Rope Dress (pattern by Oliver + S).  I worked on it a little each day and finished it by the end of the week.  I learned how to make a button packet and collar and it was my first time sewing from an actual pattern, so those were big accomplishments for me.

Who do you sew for?

I sew for my daughter, Yuki, who just turned two.  She is a very active toddler who loves to climb and play with dirt, so as much as I love to make her cute little dresses, she spends 95% of the time wearing pants and t-shirts.  So this KCWC, I'm focusing on making her some comfy knit clothing that she can wear to preschool and get dirty.  She's also getting to that age where she has opinions about everything and can finally articulate them, so I imagine that she's going to have a lot to say about her clothes.  That should be really interesting and fun and, I'm sure at times, very challenging :)

Do you have favorites among the participants? Someone whose project you can't wait to see the next day?

Oooh, there are so many talented and amazing participants out there and I actually love looking through the flickr pool and finding NEW people whose style really speaks to me.  But some of the people I love to follow during KCWC (and always) are the ladies from elsie marley (the host of KCWC), skirt as top, probably actually, made by rae, trula:kids and cirque du bebe, along with about a hundred others :)

Thank you Cherie from you & mie

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  1. it sure is nice to know a bit more about some of the people posting in the pool and sewing along, thanks