Monday, October 15, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012: Day 7

I come from a huge headed family. Not that we get stared at on the bus or alike, but the matter of fact is that we all have really big heads. I mean, helmets eg. are not made in a size my dad would need and my helmet is probably the size someones dad wears. So, there was a fair change I will have big headed children. And again, they don't get stared or pointed at at the playground, but we do get hand-me-down clothes that a kid before them had no trouble wearing, and I simply can't pull it over their heads. 

This happened with the following sweater too:

So with the help of two stripes of knit cut off the bottom of daddy's old top and some snap buttons I made a cardie.

I don't think his head looks big at all. Do you?

And that was that. By bye KCWC, till next spring. I am missing you already!

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  1. Ez nagyon jóóóó lett. Nekem is kéne egy ilyen kardi :)