Monday, October 1, 2012

Klapproject - button your hat to your ears

Budapest Design Week is on, and I am loving it.
I took P to see Slow Design exhibition. it was really hard to explain to him he can not touch the exhibits. I mean, why would you be forbidden to sit on a chair, right?
We also took a stroll through the Nemurimuri Design Picnic and discovered KLAPP and it totally made my perfect day even more perfect. Why? Because it is super funny, and sooooo simple. Simply unbelievable.

A new take on a hat fulfilling a function similar to the one of a baseball cap, where you use your ears as buttons to keep the hat on your head.

Currently three models are available, 1 asymmetric and 2 symmetric: shorter and longer.

We need funny to be around, a LOT!:) so go follow my FUNNY DESIGN board on Pinterest.

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