Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mingling with the KCWC crowd: Jaqueline aka BEGINwithB

Hello there my KCWC friends, mingling is continuing with Jacq from BEGINwithB. I'd definitely let my people talk to her people. Her boys wear pink! My boys wear pink too! I love boys in pink!

For a year or so I followed KCWC, watching the things that people made and being so inspired but too intimidated to join in. It wasn't until I was home with my boys full-time that I began to actually participate. However, I still lacked the courage to actually post my things in the flickr group. When I began blogging this past January I started posting things to the flickr group and was excited to see these alligator pants featured over at Elsie Marley.

KCWC has become something that pushes me to stretch my sewing skills. I am daily inspired by the things that others create and try patterns I wouldn't usually choose. Usually I sew just for my two boys but this year I have a couple girl gifts on my list.

Last spring I created a few pairs of sarouel's for Case. These funky grey and turquoise were my favorite, with the hand stitching on the cuffs. He of course has outgrown them.  These pants were inspired by Sophie of Cirque du Bebe and she is definitely one I watch for daily during KCWC. Her clothes are beautifully made and encourage me to think outside the box as I design for my boys.

Come mingle with us, leave us a comment:)

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