Saturday, October 13, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012: Day 6

You are probably thinking "Come on, sweats again! She could really do something else already!" But I am actually quite happy to be doing this. This is what baby I needs the most now, since he goes through several pairs in one day. The only thing is, I will really have to continue sewing next week, because P has been completely neglected this week. But hey, he did have one KCWC all to himself we had I.
 Again, I only changed the shape of the pant, and I added this pocket to cover up the ridiculously small pocket that was originally there.

One more day to go and then we have to wait for half a year for another KCWC. We should have a monthly get together, or something, don't you think?:)

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  1. These are beautiful. My kids are much older but I'd love to make them something similar and cozy!