Friday, October 12, 2012

Mingling with the KCWC crowd: Carla aka Small & Friendly

Meet Carla from Small & Friendly.

Why do you do KCWC? 

Because it gives me the extra push I need to complete a few of the many sewing projects on my ever growing to do list. And I feel so inspired by all of the amazing clothes people create for their little ones.

How many times did you participate till now?

This will be my fourth (I think).

Were you ever featured on Elsie Marley blog during the challenge? 

I was and it was such a boost to my sewing confidence!

Favorite KCWC project you've done:

That is a hard one! I think these shorts are my favorite because I learned to most from making them :

Who do you sew for?

I sew for my almost three year old son. I love creating cool outfits for him, especially because finding cute boy clothes at the store can be challenging. 

Do you have favorites among the participants? Someone whose project you can't wait to see the next day?

I always love to see what Sophie of Cirque du Bebe is up to. And Max California has great style. And of course, Meg of Elsie Marley never disappoints!

Thanks Carla for being here.

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