Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Girlie fun for a boymom - making a tutu

Back in June I won a Bellissima Kids Tutu Kit in a giveaway. If you are a regular on this blog, you must be asking yourselves, why would I need a tutu kit..because YES, I have two boys, and they don't wear tutus, at least not yet. But, I am a sucker for giveaways. I love them...especially if I win. I also love getting packages filled with pretty goodies, so much fun. This particular package has traveled a long way from New York to Budapest to not find me there. So it hat to travel a bit more, to get to the Croatian coast and make our unsuspecting neighbor, little girl called Ana, a very happy girl.

While P was fishing with his daddy and baby I was having a nap, I showed Ana how to thread a ribbon through 3 tutu pieces. I loved it best at this point, but this tutu kit is made for girls just like Ana, who was mesmerized by all the glitter, feathers and ribbons that came with it.

When P came back he had a total meltdown because I was making a tutu wit her and not with him so we continued sticking together. When we finished it was dark, and raining. It was really something else to see a little girl excited over glitter and pink ribbon.This was fun, for a boy mom such as myself.

After the rain came sunshine

Glitter and beads were everywhere.

and then came sunset.

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  1. ja bi isto furala takvu suknjicu

  2. Beautiful! Love the sunset photos - awesome!

    1. I am so glad you like them, we had so much fun:)

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