Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cozy up with Milo & Gabby

There are numerous animal pillows in this world. There are too many animal pillows in my house. Most of the animal pillows people buy for your kids because they think they are cute ARE NOT.
However..there are cute animal pillows. Even better, there are cute and cosy pillowcases! Because, lets face it, if you want your kiddo snuggling with a pillow, it better be clean.

Milo and Gabby make just that! Pillowcase that will make a pillow into your kid's best friend, a snugly toy and a designer piece. I love them! heck, I want it for ME!

They  fit standard queen pillow (36'' W x 25'' H), are made of 100% cotton sateen / virgin poly fill and can be machine washed and  tumble dried.

And you can get them at 50% of their price on Zulily till Thursday. Go shopping!

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