Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Chalktrail is a new and wonderful product in the see of millions of toys we see every day. And what is so wonderful about it that is so simple that it "could have been made a half-century ago but, for some inconceivable reason, wasn’t". It is an add-on to your bike (any size) or a scooter that holds a piece of chalk in the back and it draws as you ride.

In my opinion, any toy that combines outdoor play with creativity has to be wonderful. If you can attach it to your bike or a scooter...even more so. Street art with chalk, let the kids color the world.

Invented by Washington based Scott Baumann apparently came up with the idea playing with his kids and watching them hop on and off their bikes to draw on the pavement with chalk. This  is also supposed to be super-simple to use independently by kids and installing it does not require any tools. Also, the more the grows with number of bikes and chalk colors available.

Follow Chalktrail on facebook or get it on fab, it is on sales for the next 10 or so hours.

See Chalktrail in action

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