Monday, August 6, 2012

Smellies - interactive T-shirts

Ok, so I am not sure if the name Smellies is more of a head scratch or the 'interactive Ts' description. So, let me enlighten you. This Australian brand specializes in clothing you can 'experience'. There are three ranges available:

Scratch N' Smell range

Scratch the print and then smell the chocolate.

"We use the latest scent application technology for clothing, we have discovered a NEW engineered microcapsule technology that holds the scent longer. Scent has the power to evoke emotions, evoke long lost memories and change people’s moods. It has been shown in studies, that scent effects 75% of the emotions we experience everyday. Let us now experience these emotions from our clothing and have some fun with it!"

The colourchange range

T-shirts that will change colour due to changes in temperature.

The glow in the dark range

Even this one, which is pretty unexciting compared to the first two, would without a doubt become my son's favorite piece of clothing if he was to get one.

"...for the kids of noughties!"

They ship worldwide! Which one is it going to be?

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