Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to sharpen your scissors, for KCWC spring 2012

KCWC is ON! Everyone in the blogland is talkin about it:) As Sophie from Cirque Du Bebe put it so nicley, the week when "everywhere, normally functional, responsible mothers are turning themselves into crazy sewing ladies for a whole week."

Me, I am not at home, I am spending some time at my parents in Croatia, which basically means I am sort of stash-less. Luckily, the old Bagat my dad bought when I was only 1 year old is still going strong.

I already did some sewing for the Spring top sewalong on it yesterday, and it works like a clock.

Our sewing scissors, probably as old as the machine if not older, were another story. The scissors I have at home came with the sharpener, so I never learned the trick my dad showed me today. All you need is:

a pin

 and those scissors begging to be sharpened

 You just move the pin up and down, and try to cut into it, do that several times. Your scissors will be as good as new.

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