Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent calendar with kids

We are in the second day of Advent already, and yesterday Noon I still thought we will simply not have one, and that is it. I've been thinking about it a lot, but no idea seemed to striking. I just don't see the appeal of packing bags or boxes full of sweets..he gets sweets every day anyway, so nothing in it for him really.
I really loved the idea of Childrens/Christmas books advent, like this one or this one. But this is something that takes time to collect and prepare, is not cheap to buy 20 something books.
So I was clueless...

And then I was saved by MARA factory.

was founded by Mariann Máray and Blanka Radnóti, picture book illustrators.They make authentic reused and redesigned children's furniture, picture books, color books, posters, paintings, wall-stickers, toys and all-inclusive design plans for children's rooms with accessories.They also offer versatile children's programs.
In light of that they created a super cute Advent calendar online, with a   surprise download for each day of Advent.

Why I love this, because it actually gives me something to do with my son, and this is the gift he needs the most these days, what with me working like a maniac in the last couple of months, and with a little brother on the way, who will change a lot here in the hose, whether we want it or not.

So I did this:

I printed it out and stuck it behind the glass of his closet door. The pretty print above the calendar is already a Day 1.

I also printed the same numbers very small and laminated them, so he can play with them for the next 24 days without destroying them. What we do is, we take the small, laminated number (are sorted from 1-24) and we search for its big pair on the door. Each day we will open the next box in the online calendar, to see what is expecting us.

Day 2 was a coloring page. Unfortunately for the cat in the picture, P. is much more interested in cutting than in colouring these days. So here is what we managed to produce:

I am planning to make a folder for him to keep, but let's see what those other numbers will bring us!

Thank you, Mara factory!

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