Thursday, April 5, 2012

Papergirl Zagreb - Call for Submissions

Just moments ago, a great project was brought to my attention. A project that, similarly to Art for free project I wrote about several months ago, aims to bring art to the masses and expose new audiences to different arts and artists.

Aisha Roniger founded Paper Girl in 2005. when it was a criminal offense to post art in public places in Berlin. The basic idea was to distribute art like newspapers used to be distributed by paperboys.

About the project

The project is organised into four components, which is followed by all Papergirl franchises worldwide:
  1. A call-out is placed to the local community requesting people (not necessarily artists) to submit work.
  2. An exhibition is held in which the work is showcased.
  3. The artwork is rolled up and then distributed by bicycle in a group to random individuals in urban areas.
  4. A celebration is held to thank everyone involved.
Anyone, regardless of age, education, profession, gender, or location. Any type and any amount of artworks is accepted, as long as they rollable.

is now calling for submissions!


Deadline for submissions is June 1st, 2012.

All submissions will be published on the blog and exhibited in Zagreb (Croatia) before they are distributed.

The same project is taking place in Rijeka (Croatia) at the same time, and Novi Sad one month later (submission deadline July 1st, 2012.)

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