Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yellow stinking story

Inspired by Poppytalk's Autumn colour Week Yellow, I decided to tell you my stinking yellow story.

I recently decided I need to have cut flowers on my dinig table, because it looks good, and makes me happy. So, I spend money on flowers every now and then, put them on the table, and most of the days don't even notice they are there, let alone change their water. Now, not changing water can cause a flower to die before it normally would...but it can also create this unbelievably rotten stench, as I learned a few days ago. So what to do? I mean, besides flushing the gross water down the toilet...

See? These flowers do look a little sad, but the are very much ALIVE, what went rotten are the stems only, right? They stink and the are ugly!
So I cut them short...really short, put them in a stylish pot, and now I can forget about them for a few days longer.

Until they start stinking again...


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