Friday, October 14, 2011

KCWC Day 4 - Boys double-layer knit hat

A bunch of cut-up T-shirts:

two broken needles and a couple of hours later, this was produced

 There have been some unsuspected complication, and a point when I wanted to throw it all away. But I didn't. And I am glad.

P. is now a proud owner of a soft, comfy, double-layer knit hat, which is perfect for this autumn weather. AND it has a dinosaur on it. What more can you want?:)

Don't throw away your stained T-shirts, there is a hidden potential in them as you can see. Better give them to me.


P.S. I love comments, so please leave some. They don't have to be in English. If Hungarian of Croatian work better for you, please!

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  1. jao sto mu je lijepaaaa aj daj sad vec slijedeci projekt da vidimo :) ne budi lijena ;)

  2. :)) Probala sam danas teta nije mi uspjelo:)

  3. Hej Petra, pa super ti je ovo mesto, uživancija je čitati, gledati i uzeti ti koju ideju:-) Blog mi se baš sviđa, kapicu za sada neću praviti, ali maneken ti je odlično prezentirao model, vidi se da uživa, odličan izbor ! ;)) Kao i drugi čekam novosti :)

  4. @MAjaNS: Puno hvala...trudit cu se da bude jos bolje;)

  5. I don't have a clue what the above comments read, but I'm sure they say nice things! Just found your blog via refashion co-op, new follower. I love this cute little hat xx

    1. Katie, the above are mostly my sons fans. I've come to the conclusion that whatever I make, if he is wearing it it will be a hit:)