Saturday, October 15, 2011

Easyfundraising for ZA

I received an e-mail yesterday form my very good friend Jacqueline H. She is a media representative of a UK based charity: The ZA foundation. 
She and her husband James, with a bunch of other people from film and media industries managed to shoot footage both in South Africa and the UK, allowing ZA as a charity to produce informative, and cost free mini documentaries showing the essence of they are trying to achieve.

And here is the rest of J's message:

I understand that some of you may already support your chosen charities but I am hoping that those of you who believe in the influences of the performing arts, the importance of Education, and the power of inspiration; and of course know me, and possibly like me, will treat this as a personal favor to raise both funds and awareness for our cause,
One simple click of a button that will cost you NOTHING!

With Christmas coming fast around the corner we hope you can help us to make that difference as you purchase your Internet goodies.

Simply click and visit to register, then as you shop at such well known Internet biggies such as Amazon, Argos, M&S, eBay and literally thousands more the retailer makes a donation to Za Foundation It really does work, over £2,000,000 to date has been raised by easy fund raising for various charities across the globe.
A free gift from you, allows access to a life-changing gift for another.
                                   I told you it was simple!!
Treat it like a festive game of ‘Telephone’ and pass it on to, friends, family, schools, and colleges, Quiz Nights, knitting clubs...

The details of Za’s crucial work are on our website

Jacqs x                                                                                                                      

Check out the documentaries, they just might inspire you to help, at least by sharing this message.


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