Saturday, October 22, 2011

Printable and kids art in one

Me and my 2,5 years old son were waiting for a bus today, and out of the blue he looks at me and says: You are so beautiful! I know moms are the most beautiful creatures, but this was the first for me, so you get how this is so special.

A few days ago he came home from the nursery with a drawing and said: Mommy, this is you!
 And because this is a portrait of a beautiful me, and also a first one of that sort, I decided to display it.

So I scanned it first, to get what you see above.

After that I used picnik to make this:

It says 'Mommy this is you' in the upper right corner.
 And this is how I got myself my own little printable art. I was going to put it in my bedroom, but it turned out it was just what we were missing for our kitchen gallery wall, plus this way everyone will see it.

YES you too!

Now I think I am beautiful too. Don't you?

What do you do with your kids art? Send a comment, let's see some ideas! (Comments welcome in Croatian or Hungarian too, if that is easier for you.)



  1. Well, if you look very carefully you can se two eyes, angry eyebrows, mouth, nose ....
    Mommy, were you mad that day?

    Pavle van Jojich

    Ja želim autogram dok je još mlad :)

  2. Marijo, this is actually a spitting image of his daddy's eyebrow:))

  3. may i correct u, petra?...this is spitting image of his daddy before teta bidja takes care of it. and oh yeah, mommy u are so bjutiful :)