Saturday, October 29, 2011

Upcycled sweats again

I was extremely busy in the last couple of weeks, and I am really behind on my planned projects, one of which was particularly important to me.
When I made these for Fall KCWC my cousin who lives in Germany said she wanted the same for her son. I had it all figured out, and planned to make them for this weekend, when I am seeing her mum, my aunt. But yesterday evening came, and the pants were not even started. I didn't have time to make them.

But, today morning my husband woke up ill and we couldn't travel.

So I made the pants:) Except that they are not the same as ours.

OUR Pants!


What happened was that the basic sweats I upcycled already had pockets, so there was no point in putting a pocket on them the way I did on the previous upcycle.

Not pretty, are they?

I cut them like this:

 I measured the length needed to fit my nephew and decided to use my favorite pants pattern for the form of the lower part of the pants.

When you cut your from and back, it is important to mark which is which, because you will only have the lover part of the pants, and it will be hard to differentiate between the two, so I pinned back yellow, and front purple.

I then sewed together, zigzagged and pressed the outside seems, and decided to use the bottom part of the sweats I cut off to make a side pocket. I didn't pay attention to matching the plaid, because this was cut from my old pants, and this is the way they were sewn originally. Then I sewed the inside seems to make 2 tubes, 

stuck the tubes into the shorts, right side on the right side and sewed them on.

After ironing the seems I didn't really like how the two different fabric types look at the seem, and I zigzagged over it, see left leg:

If you look very carefully at this photo you will notice something is VERY WRONG!

This is supposed to be the pocket, but it is turned upside down. I had to rip the whole thing of, 2 rows of zigzag, 1 row of strait stitch. And I did, I fixed it. I added a little zigzag to one of the original pockets too, and that is it. I am done.

Will this be OK, Martina??

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