Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do you miss analog photography?

We all have excessive amounts of photos now, don't we? We might even not have time to browse through them at all, because new ones are created daily.
I remember my graduation trip with school, I got a 36 pics film for that occasion, after all it was a week long trip (what I normally had was 24). You had to carefully divide those 36 shots to all days to have as mush coverage possible. Yes, there was a possibility to buy new film, and we did do that sometimes, but it was not so cheap to develop films on my allowance. Developing...yes...that was another source of excitement. Back in those days it took a week or so to get the film and pics developed plus you never knew what was going to come out of those. Remember? When you've waited for those party photos with the cute guy you liked on them, and the photos turned out to be total crap. Those were the days. I soooo wished for a polaroid camera. Those few moments you wait for the black square to become a photo were magic.

And check this out, Fuji Instax Mini 8 Camera is on sale today on Zulily. Brings back my unfulfilled dreams. Not to mention how cute it is. So if you'd like to go backin time to the age of expensive film and physical photography, now is the time. If I had money to throw I'd gladly play with it from time to time. I still love the idea and I would still happily wait for the magic to happen with the black square.
Here is a video review you might find useful:

How do you feel about using your film sparingly?

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