Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pear compote

Summer and early autumn, the time to preserve fruits and veggies for the colder days to come. Making compote is one way to do it. I don't preserve, I am too lazy and I don't grow garden big enough to have fruits in such quantities. But compote is not just a preserve, it is apparently a french dessert, and my mom makes it quite often, from any fruit she happens to have in quantity they won't be able to consume before it goes bad. Except for the prep work, which can be a bit tedious if you want to use seeded fruit cut in bite size pieces, making compote is very simple. My mom just pours water to cover the fruit and adds sugar to it (I think quantity of sugar is totally up to you and the type of fruit you are using, our pears here were sweet on their own, so sugar added was not much) and maybe a little lemon juice, and she cooks it for a while.
The French say it can be eaten warm or cold. We eat it warm right after it is taken off the stove, because we can't wait for it to cool down, later on we eat it cold, and usually it does not last long:)

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