Friday, June 14, 2013

Villa carton Pirate Boat product review

Me and my boys are one of the lucky people who get to test Villa Carton products from time to time. After City blocks and Biplane we tested some time ago, this week was in sign of water, flood, and with that boats and pirates of course.
The design of the Pirate boat is so cool. Like all other Villa Carton products, this one simply finds way to my living room shelf and holds pretty well as decoration, not only as kids toy.

While City blocks were super sturdy and completely suitable even for P's 1.5 years old brother, the boat is somewhere in between the city blocks and the biplane. Biplane was really, but really not for babies if you wanted it safe and whole, this boat is quite a sturdy piece, with exception of the mast and the sail, which should be handled with a little care. So at rare moments when we managed to get rid of I, we sailed the Danube (recent flood influence) to the volcano we build out of newspapers and a red paper napkin.

Great details, real holes for windows - this is what we love at Villa Carton toys.

And here, P decided to write a Thank You note to Villa Carton...with a pigeon feather. Like Captain Hook, he said!

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