Friday, May 10, 2013

Villa Carton Biplane - product review

We liked the Villa Carton Biplane even before we received it. But when the package came and we assembled it we absolutely loved it.

Unlike the City blocks we reviewed last time, the biplane is not really suitable for children under 3-4 years of age I'd say, so we had to be careful not to let P's 17 months old little brother get it. The plane is also a bit more complicated to assemble, because it consists of smaller parts, but P enjoys building now and he especially enjoyed doing this with his dad. I lover that even though this is a cardboard toy, there are movable parts on it, the wheels are turning and so is the propeller. Design of it is simply fantastic, so much detail, and there is even a pilot sitting in the plane.

We live near Chain Bridge and on May 1st we were lucky to see an Air Show. Planes flew over and under the bridge and P went nuts.

And when we got home biplane got it's turn:)

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