Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zinka & Simafül

A few months ago I wrote about Viki in connection with beautiful Soulglobes, so when a month or so ago Zinka & Simafül exhibition opened in the nearby Műhely Coffeehouse & Gallery (cute little place with homemade cakes and really good coffee) I knew I had to be there with P.

Zinka & Simafül started as a bunch of illustrations Viktoria Hitka made for her daughter Milla. Some time later it evolved into a real children's book, with text written by László Gál.

Zinka is a good hearted little girl with messy hair and a magic coat.

Her best friend is Simafül - the doggy. He has the nicest little soft ears in the whole world. The two friends were born on the same day and they never ever part. They discover the world and go on adventures together...

Shadowboxes made for this exhibition were incredible. If I could take one home, I would be able to choose.

I so hope for all of you non-Hungarian speakers that Zinka books get published in English too. Meanwhile I am happy I don't have to worry about that for my kiddos:)

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