Friday, August 9, 2013

Villa Carton Ghost house - product review

I must admit, we had problems here. Even though P LOVES Villa Carton products (he even wrote a thank you letter with pigeon feather last time) for some reason, when I mentioned the word 'house' he imagined it would be the XXL House, so he could move in to it, with his bed. But that is all good, because in situations like this one you get the joy of teaching your kid about gratitude and that beggars cannot be choosers.
When we learned all about that and assembled the Ghost House we had to tackle a problem called LITTLE BROTHER, who just wanted to tear it apart, by all means. He is a fierce little fellow I tell you.
After all the drama, screaming, fighting and crying, we managed to get some play out of it. Mommy also managed to take some photos, download the to her computer and her computer decided to die one day before she got a new one (no backup, as you can imagine).

But looking back now, it is good it turned out that way. We put a Ghost House away for a while. Like most Villa Carton products, it is easily assembled and disassembled flat, which comes in really handy if you don't have a huge playroom. At the moment I have a Biplane hanging on my chandelier above the dining table, Pirate boat I use as decoration on my living room shelf  and we use City blocks as storage for smaller toys but they can also be flattened and put away, I just feel it is more handy this way.

By now the baby is a tiny bit bigger and doesn't dishevel everything at a first glance. He is more of a filler. He likes to stuff things up to other things. Like say, his big dredge truck toy through the house doors.

Interestingly enough, when I put his plushie inside and tryed to play a peekaboo game, he immediately wanted to save it.

It is a Ghost house after all.


P on the other hand had other crazy ideas. First one involved trying to stuff himself into the house, imagining it was the XXL house.

When he realized he was too big for it, he decided he could be Alice in Wonderland when she eats a cookie and goes huge, her hands legs and head sticking out of the house. Just, we couldn't get his head out, because there is no hole on the rooftop (he did try to get me to cut it out like last time) so he pretended to be Alice like this

After a while he sort of decided Alice is no fun, because she is a girl, and he should really be somebody extremely masculine, so he went for Helcules.

This is when mommy decided it was time to end this game and have some watermelon.

As you can see, this is a Ghost House with various possibilities. You should try and see what your kids come up with:)

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