Monday, April 22, 2013

The HooDress for Valentina

Rarely do I have the chance to sew something for girls so I was really happy when this time KCWC, Merrily we Sewalong with Two-Tee dress theme and a visit of my friend Monika and her little girl Valentina coincided. Nothing like three birds with one stone, right?
Oh, and I am still not buying fabric, so only upcycling in this house.

I started with two of my tops I used to love dearly and my sons T-shirt for the pattern and the measures, since him and Valentina are both 16 months old, only a few days apart, but living a world apart from each other. We are in Hungary and she is in Aspen, USA.

And ended up with this.

I even made a label, my first, yeeey!:) Couldn't get a better photo, she was moving all the time:)