Tuesday, April 2, 2013

International Children's Book Day: Snow White non-Disney way

Ever since 1967 April 2 is the day to celebrate children's books. I am not sure how you do it, but I really try to bring quality reading into my children's lives. It is not so easy and sometimes kids like things you don't or would like them not to, but even though I will not force them or forbid books that are not on my top favorites list I do feel it is important to show P there is a whole magic world of fairy-tales beyond Disney.

The book you should definitely try to get hold of is a Snow White, magically retold by Stella Gurney and illustrated by two incredibly talented Croatian guys: Zdenko Bašić and Manuel Šumberac.

I like this version so much more than the one we read hundreds of times. Isn't it so much more likely that dwarfs' house would be really tidy and clean?:)


 The story is wonderful and illustration exquisite. Check out the whole illustrated book here (no text). Zdenko Bašić and Manuel Šumberac are winning award after award for whatever they touch and you really need to know them. Other book in their opus include: The Night Before Christmas and Pinocchio, while Zdenko Bašić also did Alice in Wanderland and The Cleverest Spider.

And guess what, they are making a movie Tales of the Wind, based on this book:

So incredibly beautiful! I can't wait...

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