Sunday, February 3, 2013

Carnival series with Kata Tóth from Kattuska

 The third in my Carnival series is Kata from Kattuska! Look at the cute costumes she made for her kiddos!

What do you and your family do for carnival?
Since my son is a February baby, we find it cool to make his birthday party a masquerade party too.

Do you all dress up, or just kids?
Until now only kids would dress up but this year I managed to persuade the parents to come masked too.
The first few costumes for my kids were made by me. Like when I made Bogyó és Babóca (Berry and Dolly) costumes.

Or when Hanga started kindergarten and got cat as her sign and I made her paws and a tail.

 My son Soma got a gymnast costume when he was one year old. He was too cute lifting those weights made of black balloons...he only hated his mustache.:)

Now that I am working I don't have time to make their costumes, but I hope in future they will have ideas for costumes that I can make for them.

Any special foods?
I love donuts, but I can't make them. I've never even tried, since that is what grandmas make. I stay with crepes and waffles, I am good at that.

Thanks Kata!

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What about you? Would you like to participate? Do let me know!

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