Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shopping for glasses

Yes, I wear glasses.
No, I'm not trying to be a hipster, I actually need them.

I've been wearing eyeglasses since I was 19 when I suddenly realized I can't read billboards from across the road. My mom thinks this unhappy occurrence is due to the fact I fell on my head when I was, say, 17. I say it was bound to be! See, since I can remember I wanted to wear glasses. Hipsterism was not invented, yet every year during the yearly checkup I remember standing in line and praying to God and Angels to give me: bad sight?!? What was wrong with me, nobody knows. Twenty something years ago it was completely uncool to wear glasses. It was dorky and embarrassing, yet I wanted it so badly that years later, when I was really in need of an eyeglasses prescription nobody would give it to me because they thought I was making it up.
So, when I finally found an optometrist who stared into my eyes once and  decided I did indeed need glasses I was confronted with my worst nightmare: THE CHOICE. Seriously, how is one supposed to choose only ONE frame and wear it over and over and over again, day by day by day. In my years of longing to be bespectacled I used to imagine having different frames for every outfit and every occasion. When the moment of bespectacleness came I had to realize that was not going to happen. What a slap in the face, right? Not only my eyes were bad, I had to settle for one accessory to wear all the time, for years to come. And that is not all...did I tell you I hate shopping? I have this problem of indecisiveness, especially if an item of this sort is in question. Having sales people bringing more and more frames to me and expecting me to make a choice does not help my condition. 

To tell you the truth, I am playing with the idea of online eyeglasses. Has any of you done that yet? Any advices?
Just look how sophisticated I look on this photo. I just tried over 20 pairs of frames from my armchair at home. Beats sweating at the shop for sure. Frames I like the most look lame on me both virtually and in real life, so I'm thinking this tool is pretty cool. Try it out below! They also have a test that will tell you if you are a FASHIONISTA, like me and narrow the frames selection for you accordingly.

If you find something that you like here is a perk for you, GlassesUSA is offering my readers 15% off your entire order amount + FREE shipping (orders over $50) with code: FS15 (storewide offer) or 10% off any order of prescription glasses with code: Blog10

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