Monday, July 9, 2012

Oreopone cheesecake - recipe

When I got home on Saturday, with 500g of mascarpone I stopped by Csak a Puffin for inspiration. I love her brownie combinations with easy refreshing toppings. I was in a mood for the dark chocolate-cheese combination delight, but it was definitely too hot to bake.

Ever since P's B-Day Party I am in love with the Oreo cheesecakes in a jar, so I went with something in line with that.

Here is what I came up with:

a pack of Oreos (25 cookies) - we don't have Oreos in Hungary, so I use Aldi Black and White Cookies
500 g Mascarpone
250 g cottage cheese
5-6 spoons of slatko
1 spoon of vanilla syrup
juice of half a lime

Mix the ingredients, add cookies and fruit bits from slatko at the very end, fill up the glasses and cool for a few hours.

And enjoy!

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  1. Ilyet fogok ma csinálni. :) mindenképpen cottage cheese kell, vagy jó a túró is? Slatko-nak mit használjak? Tschüsssssiiii :)