Friday, July 13, 2012

Help Mezoomee - I need my mess sorted

I was sitting, looking at the embarrassing sight of the mess in my living room

and instead of cleaning the place up, I was browsing the Internet and feeling sorry for myself, when I found Mezoomee.

Beautiful design, smart solutions. That would probably help me.

I mean, look at this mat:

Isn't this genius? Open - play to your hearts content - close. And it looks good! The cover can be removed, and washed (which is also a must in my doggy dog world with Bella the bulldog shedding all over the place at all seasons).

Designed by two moms with the "vision  to create products that incorporate functionality and aesthetics with high quality materials that both children and parents can enjoy for years to come".

Check out their website for other cute designs, and then buy them in their shop, or use the unique opportunity to get some of the amazing products with a huge discount on Zulily till July 16th.

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