Monday, July 30, 2012

Last minute floorbed

P is in last minute swimming camp since today morning. We weren't home for the weekend, and before we left I had no idea he will be going to the camp. One of the things kids needed to bring with them was a foam pad, for their afternoon nap. Whaaat? How is he supposed to sleep on that? Plus, I don't have one!
What I did have, was a big chunk of 3 cm thick mattress foam my brother wanted to throw away (his new sofa was packaged in it) and I, as a major hoarder of junk stuffed in my storage area.
I also had fabric..I always have fabric.

Oilcloth tablecloth on one side, Ikea Saralisa on the other. Sew 3 sides on the wrong side, turn out the fabric, stuff the foam in neatly, sew one side from the outside, not at all easy at 1 o'clock at night and with foam pulling the whole thing out. But I did it!

Morning testing...
Yes, I made one for his friend too, while I was at it.

Hm, not to happy, is he?:)


  1. Wow, so impressed! Those are beautiful - what a creative problem-solver you are!

    1. Thank you:) I thought so too, but he informed me he didn't want to sleep on it, because his friend said it was smelly, and that they both slept on the floor?!?!?:) BOYS!

  2. kind of birkózószönyeg :)