Thursday, May 3, 2012

KLOCC for Kids, by Judit Ducsai

Klocc for Kids – Hungarian design award winning innovative storage for kids.

Designed by Judit Ducsai Kid's Klocc, very much like it’s predecessor - Klocc bag,  is made from 1 cm thick 100% industrial wool felt. Formed using a special technique similar to the hat making process and treated to be water resistant, they are made from 1 piece and except for the zipper, you will find no seems on them.

Each of them is handmade in Judit's studio.

Bright coloured and ever-changing organic shapes and self sustainable forms are not only incredibly cool and beautiful, they also stimulate children's curiosity, creativity, abstract thinking and problem solving skills.

A toy storage solution which can easily become a toy itself!

They can be hanged, attached together, open wide, or closed shut.

They can also be given to Mommy to play with, because she is crazy about them.

To see other products by this talented designer visit ducsaijudit design, or join her on facebook.

These photos are courtesy of Judit Ducsai.


  1. What adorable photos! Would love if you checked out my Thursday link party or thriftfanatics page (;


  2. woah! these are awesome!