Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cereal problem

It's been a hard week in this parts. What with kindergarten enrollement excitement and realizing my maternity leave will soon be over...

and then this happens on a Friday morning...

Every time I open a new bag, the stupid thing tears and I have cereals all around the place. To add to that, it is impossible to reuse that bag, you simply have to store your cereals in something else, something completely different.
Now, my kitchen is not one of those perfect kitchens, with perfectly organized neat cabinets containing numerous jars, one per type of food. My kitchen is one where when you are trying to reach a bag of cereals tragedy is bound to happen. A tragedy as serious as a

I have not yet recovered from this, but let's go on with my cereal problem.
As much as I love the look of glass jars and pretty food in them, as a mom of a 3 year old who sometimes insists on making his own breakfast, I see a glass jar potentially hazardous. I can also not afford this space wise, which is true for plastic containers all the same.  So what to do? - I was asking myself in the morning looking at that mess.
And then it hit me! And I was so happy to realise that my hours spent on the Internet perusing its vastness sometimes do come in handy.

Now pick it up and dangle it to test if it really works.

When you realize it does, dangle it extaticly into faces of your family members. Kids will most probably think it is funny, hubs will most probably not. But who cares, my cereals are not out of the bag anymore!

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  1. Perane zakon si da te nema trebalo bi te smisliti :)