Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I. Budapest Bread and Pastry Festival

Last weekend Budapest had it's first bread and pastry festival (I. Budapesti Kenyér- és Péksütemény-fesztivál) ever. I am normally quite annoyed by the place where we live, because come Festival season we are surrounded by tourists, it is impossible to park in front of the house, and God forbid you to open your window at night during the Wine festival, when all the happy people are coming down from Budapest Castle right under my window. But, it was nice weather, festival was for free and it is a mere 5 minutes walk from our house, the idea of fresh pastries seemed like a good one.
We soon became aware of the fact that festivals featuring bread are not merely as popular as the ones where any type alcohol is served, because we had to wander around trying to find the place, and some of the local store owners looked at us blankly when we asked about it.

But after a few circles, and an ice-cream we had to get P so he'd be willing to walk, we found it.

Hungry from all that walking we had done already we decided to go for some kenyérlángos - an old Hungarian specialty made of pre-baked bread dough topped with garlicky sour cream, onions, bacon/sausages and grated cheese, baked in a traditional wood-fired brick oven.

P was still hungry after ice-cream, so he went for potato crisps, made out of REAL potatoes.

There were loads of sweet and colorful goodies to choose from too.

But my favorite find that day, was the Malomgyartó (The Millmaker). With their beautiful mills you can make your own whole-wheat flour, or rolled oats.

From this:

 to this:

homemade flour

or this:

rolled oats
And if you are not at the stage where you will go by yourself a mill and make your own flour at home, there some other stunning product they have, like the grain or flour holders they have. They come in 4 different sizes ( 3, 5, 10, 25 kg) and with a smart little wooden mechanism for convenient opening and closing.

They also have beautiful wooden storage boxes and bowls, which totally do not go with my kitchen style, so it's good husband was in charge of money, not me. Just look at them in the background, would you not be tempted?


  1. So that’s how a traditional Hungarian wood-fired brick oven looks like, huh? Nice! :D My family has a bakery business, so it’s normal for me to notice those stuff because I am interested on anything that concerns our business. :)

    1. Nohemi,
      I think this one is sort of portable:) For festivals and this kind of events.