Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Smallgarden - the dream shop

 I am happy...and a little bi jelous it wasn't me who opened this shop.

Smallgarden – with repertoire consisting of unique clothes, design objects and accessories for children - started as an initiative filling the gap on the market. Design shop where people can find stylish and quality clothes, accessories, toys and furniture for the little ones in the family. 
Owners of this shop strongly believe that creative visual environment in childhood determines the personality, creativity and further interests of the kid. 

The aim of Smallgarden is similar to that of Bag of Pretty: to pass the works of the talented local artists to a broader public interested in creative children's design and to introduce some less known foreign designers to the Hungarian public.

Some Hungarian designers in the collection are alredy known to BoP reader: Marbushka, Eszterda, Manuela as well as foreigners, eg. Makedo (you know I am a big fan).

I am particularly happy they have Tattyoo temporary tattoos. I'm getting this for the boys as soon as the weather gets warm enough for them to show their biceps.

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