Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jumina (interview with Elisabeth Grønning Rognmo)

 When I talked about Jumina the other day I had no idea I'd be so lucky to exchange e-mails with the creator of that fairytale world herself. I am bringing her to you now!

1.For introduction tell us a few words about yourself, who are the people behind Jumina?

Jumina was founded in 2007 by me and my husband of 16 years, Kim Rognmo. We have 3 lovely daughters. Julie 14 years, Mina 10 years and Viola 6 years old. The reason for starting the business was that I looked at the world of children fashion a bit differently.

AW 2011

In 2010 we launched Jumina outside of Norway for the first time and we now have retailers that carry this fun and fairytale like brand around the world.We also have several agents and distributors to do some of the sales work. I am doing everything except the web, where Kim is the magician.

2. And now Jumina? What does the name stand for?

It is our two oldest daughters JULIE and MINA The names together became JUMINA, we just got used to it and we found it lovely.

3. How did it all start? Why kids clothes?

We moved from the west coast and in the country because of Kim`s job. I was pregnant at the time and found everything to be a new start. with 2 girls and one on the way my focus was only on children, I wanted to be with them and make their surroundings fun and beautiful. When we moved to a small town I did not find the clothes I liked and I was in a place in my life where I had a lot to express. My education is to in sewing and art, I had worked for many years with interior fabrics and helped people with professional work in people homes as an interior consultant. So I had the experience to make garments and I am a playful girl and I love the children s universe so I had to go for children's fashion.

AW 2011
Girls at the Jumina Showroom


4. You have 3 daughters, is this why we don't see much of the boys in your collections?
Yes, but we are working to get something for boys as well, but I like to use time to make it perfect, we have a small collection for ss 2013 for boys Giggig by Jumina inspired by my grandfather. But there are only a few garments still.

 5. What part of the creative process do you like best?

 To make the concept for the collection, to get the story there and to start new projects like we are doing now. We will open new concept stores together with an other designer tiljamid in February.

6. Where do you see Jumina in the next 5-10 years?

In many shops all over Europe, the US and in Asia. This is markets we are already in and see we are growing for every season. We will also have more franchise shops with our brand logo :)

Autumn 2012

7. Favourite Norwegian designers!

Hmm, not easy. But I love a designer called Leila Hafzi she makes amazing dresses for women an she has ethical production. But I am sure I should have mentioned many more, there are many designers from Norway that should be known better.

8. Favourite foreign designers! 

Also very difficult. But Coco Chanel had a lovely way of doing things differently and she did not care about what people said about her being so masculine at that time. I admire people who go their own way in design or in other businesses.

Thank you for this nice chat Elizabeth!

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