Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby puzzle by Caracolbaby

It is December, traffic jams in town...people shopping like crazy. I hate shopping! I know, I write about stuff all the time...but there is stuff...and there is stuff...if you know what I mean. When I buy/make presents for people, I really try to make it personal and meaningful, but I understand that is very hard. There is so much of everything around us. Cheap, more or less acceptable toys in supermarkets, stuff you can buy all in one place and just get it over with, because you don't have time nor energy to spend hours figuring out what would be that one special thing that person will cherish forever.

This year I am trying to focus on the local AND handmade. Support small businesses, buy stuff not every other person will say this baby puzzle by Caracolbaby. Hand sewn to the last stitch, made of textile-leather...chewable and so wonderfully unique.

Lovey, puzzle, chewing toy and a design object all in one...exactly the sort of stuff I am looking for this year:)

How about you? What is on your gift list?

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